When you get the feeling that you’re pushing rocks up hill, it’s a good time to pause and see what’s working and perhaps more importantly, what’s NOT working to grow your business.  As you take inventory, you can reconfigure your short-term and long-term goals as necessary, letting go of the things that no longer work for you or the growth of your business.

As we all know, letting go can be easier said than done though. Many folks have found that having a business coach can help them see through their own self-induced fog to see more clearly what they might be holding onto unnecessarily (dis-empowering perspectives, habits, or even relationships), longer than they need for fear of change.  The fear of what lies in the unknown and in the blank spaces left behind.

But this blank space is the “Field of Pure Potentiality” as some would call it; the place where all things are possible when we put our hearts and minds to the task.

Imagine, what’s possible if you were to let go of the issue you’re pushing against? And if you can’t simply let it go, how can you shift your perspective or attitude about it so it becomes less stressful and difficult to deal with?  What’s the path of least resistance here? The path that serves all involved most effectively?

So as you continue to move forward in your day, your week and your year, get clear on what you want to create next, as well as what you need to leave behind (those dang rocks!).  Then you can step fully into the space that remains and fill it with new creations and possibilities.

Question to Ponder:

What can you let go of today that will create a quantum leap for you either personally or professionally?

To Your Success~


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