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The pandemic has had a profound impact on us all in many different ways and on different levels.

Overwhelmed by life, I threw myself into my work so I could avoid the pain, the anxiety and the overwhelm of what was happening all around me. Which led me to extreme burnout!


  • A lack of self-love and self-care
  • The feeling of not being “enough”
  • The feeling of being disconnected from yourself, your family, and/or a higher power
  • A feeling of sadness and stuckness, spinning in a fog with no clarity for how you will get out
  • A feeling of hopelessness and helplessness which leads to feeling out of control 

All of these things feed into the overworking and overgiving which lead to anxiety and overwhelm.

And those feelings of fear, self-doubt, dread, gloom and doom that come along with the overwhelm and burnout package? Well, that can be just the tip of the iceberg.

This massive case of “dis-ease” can quickly turn into disease in your body, manifesting as any number of ailments from a cold, the flu, covid-19 to back pain, IBS, neuropathy and much more.

Leaving you feeling overwhelmed by life, exhausted, depressed and running on fumes. And from this state, there is no energy for creativity and being the effective expert that you are normally. Let alone self-care and self-love.


What if…

  • You could feel a deep sense of self-love and being “enough” so that the voice of self-doubt, perfectionism and worrying what others think becomes a thing of the past? 
  • You could eliminate the self-sabotaging beliefs and insecurities that plague your thoughts constantly?
  • You actually recognize how brilliant, beautiful and talented you are…
  • And you leverage this newly discovered self-confidence into becoming a top expert in your field, fully rewarded for it.


Here’s the Truth. You Can!

First, you have to uncover what’s keeping you stuck!

Take my Self-Doubt Finder Quiz to help identify which of the 5 Self-Doubt Archetypes™ are holding you back from living your best life.

From there, you can learn how to take back your power, reclaim your confidence and allow yourself to receive more recognition, credit and compensation for the amazing talents you bring to the table. And end that feeling of being burned out by life once and for all.

Isn’t it time to shine?

Then, Release Your Overwhelm & Self-Doubt To Unlock Your Full Potential!

Discover How to Transform Self-Doubt and Fear Into Confidence and Resilience…

And Claim the Abundance & Wealth You Deserve!

Your UnShakeable Membership gives you a ton of coaching support, tools, and expert masterclasses to tame your self-doubt and unlock your full potential.

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“Self-Confidence Block

“Coming into my first session with Michele, I was nervous but also excited. I had been living with fear and self-doubt for over 30 years!  I am so happy that I did this work!  The shifts are so powerful!  It seems like today I feel like nothing can stop me.  I’m ready to tackle whatever comes my way with confidence.

And the Fear? Self-doubt? What’s that? I honestly cannot feel what that feels like anymore. I’ve tried to let it in just to test it, but it’s absolutely impossible. My confidence is the most high I’ve ever had.

My confidence is REAL. It’s deep rooted confidence. There’s NO façade of confidence going on here. True 100% Confidence. Period. Everyday it gets better and better.

The more I work on our new real estate business, the more confident I become.”

Michele is not only an outstanding RTT practitioner, she’s an excellent business coach too!”


Greg Tripoli | Real Estate Entrepreneur 


My powerful 90-Day Rapid Rewiring ™ Experience is an integrative healing approach that combines the power of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) + Coaching in an end-to-end supportive program. Specifically designed to help you overcome your anxiety, overwhelm and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in a cycle of burnout in your life and career.

During our work together, I will offer you a combination of master-level coaching and hypnotherapy to help you identify the root causes of your negative beliefs and blocks that are held deep within your subconscious and your emotional body. Then, I will help you transform them, to heal your anxiety and burnout by learning to love yourself unconditionally.

Yes, you can find peace of mind, freedom from being overwhelmed by life, feeling “not enough” and step fully into being your most authentic self. Learn how you can own your natural skills, gifts and talents more and more each day for a happier, more radiant you.


Michele Molitor

I bring 20+ years of expertise as a coach, hypnotherapist, healer and teacher to help you:

  • Heal your perfectionism and stop worrying what other people think so you can reach your full potential 
  • Take back your power from the anxiety and overwhelm to achieve greater peace of mind, well-being and balance 
  • Achieve new levels of success as you show up authentically and allow your true self to shine more brightly 
  • Cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself, others and money that unlocks more abundance in every area of your life
  • Help you rewire your mind, heart and spirit so that your self-confidence and feeling enough becomes your “new normal”
  • Teach you simple, effect tools and techniques to reclaim your power and boost your confidence, sense of self-love and ability to receive


Are you ready to stop feeling burned out by life and unlock your full potential?

Here’s what clients have to say about working with Michele:

Anxiety Block:

“Over many years of my life I have struggled with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and automatic negative thoughts, just to name a few. These issues created many challenges for me, and much chaos, especially in my relationships. I came to Michele because I was tired of seeing therapists and knew I needed to try a different approach. 

After just the first week of working with her, I noticed a powerful shift in how I was feeling about myself. I have lived this way my entire adult life and thought change wasn’t possible. I have continued to notice other (previously elusive) positive shifts in how I show up each day of my life.

Michele truly cares about her clients and pours her whole heart into what she does. Now, I no longer see a therapist because I am able to deal with life’s challenges on my own, which is truly remarkable.” 


Chey E. | Sales Professional
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testimonials Janice W

Health Block:

“I have been suffering from anxiety and IBS for over 15 years. The combination of the two gave me a lack of confidence and lack of desire to do things that I really enjoyed. I tried everything from changing my diet, to aromatherapy, acupuncture, speaking with psychiatrists, EFT, tapping, meditating, and much more.

Working with Michele was so powerful! We eliminated the underlying beliefs which created a cycle of mental and physical issues. I am now more appreciative of my body instead of feeling afraid that it would fail me. I have gained my confidence back and have already made some big positive changes in my life as a direct result.

I even see a lot of what I learned spilling into my lessons as a teacher, hoping that my students will be more confident as a result too. 

If you are looking to do some amazing self-work and break free from what is holding you back in your life, I highly recommend working with Michele!”


Janice W. | Educator


Get your copy of my eBook, “What’s Causing Your Imposter Syndrome? 6 Triggers That Are Crushing Your Confidence.” Identify the symptoms and triggers of imposter syndrome and discover how to find greater confidence and peace of mind.

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Jean Rogers headshot

Imposter Syndrome Block:

Dear Michele, When I thank the universe for what I am grateful for, I think of you and the gift you gave me of your wise counsel and wonderful recordings. Since we last spoke, several advisor opportunities have come into my life!

When I look back, I can’t believe how sad and lost I was just a few months ago. Changing my thinking really helped me to turn things around. The positive energy even brought a grant for $150K into my life for a podcast that I had wanted to do as part of my fellowship at Harvard. I’m sitting here in Cambridge after a meeting with the CEO of one of the companies that wants to hire me thinking about which one feels more like my tribe. It’s such a nice feeling that I have options and I’m excited to move forward with one of them.

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge your role in helping me get to this point. Thank you for believing in me and helping me to see that I had more to do. Once I started to send positive energy it started coming right back at me. Thank you again for everything and for the gift of your lovely voice which I am able to tap into whenever I need to.” #blessed


Jean Rogers | Independent Board Member & Investment Advisor; Founder & Former CEO SASB

Confidence Block:

“Thanks Michele! I appreciate your coaching and encouragement. It has made a tremendous difference in how I view the world. I have gained a better understanding of myself which has led to a limitless way of thinking. I no longer get bogged down or stuck in negative thinking and waste less time with non-productive habits.

I used to subconsciously think that “I am not good enough”. Now, I know I am good enough and have much more to give to the world. Thank you for helping me realize who I am and what I will become.” 


Russell Doi | Reverse Mortgage Specialist | Mutual Of Omaha

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Get your copy of my eBook, “Do You Have Imposter Syndrome? – 6 Triggers Crushing Your Confidence.” Discover how imposter syndrome might just be the unconscious block in the way to your success. Along with tools, tips and fresh perspectives on how you can overcome it.