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Say yes to your success with greater
happiness, well-being and peace of mind.

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• Certified HeartHealing Practictioner 

 Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT)

 Certified Reiki Master

• Certified Hypnotherapist (C-Hyp)

• Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, The Coaches Training Institute (CPCC)

• Professional Certified Coach, The International Coach Federation (PCC)

• Certified Dignify Partner

• Certified Talent Dynamics Consultant

• Certified TruScore Partner

• Certified Action Plan Marketing Consultant

• Graphic Design Degree, Art Institute of Atlanta

• BS, Advertising | Psychology, University of Florida


I became an executive coach 23+ years ago when my career in high tech got turned on its head. From that experience, I discovered coaching and my life changed forever. Nectar Consulting was the phoenix reborn from the flames, and today serves individuals, teams, and organizations around the globe.

The difficulties and challenges I faced back then lead me to my true calling and purpose: to help entrepreneurs and executives step beyond the edge of their comfort zone to find their voice and stand fully in their confidence.

My passion is helping you to create your career, your success, your joy—on your own terms, from your true essence and brilliance. To fully just be you—without apology. I ask the hard questions and go to the places most coaches don’t want to go. This is deep dive work, not for the faint of heart.

But if you are really, no kidding, OMG ready to make powerful and positive shifts in your life, then I’m your gal. You’re safe here. I’ve got your back. Together, we’ll get you to where you want to be, faster than you would on your own, as you breakthrough the barriers that have been holding you down for way too long. 

It’s time.

Love & Light,

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“Through Michele’s RTT + Coaching modality—I have found great comfort in knowing whole-heartedly that I Am Enough. This creates a peace within which has flipped a switch in me that has moved me to being a woman of excellence rather than a woman continually striving for perfection.

Michele is thoughtful, embraces integrity and exudes tremendous strength in working with others to help them create the best in themselves. She is a stellar Coach and RTT Practitioner!”


Dr. Deanna Vansickel • Director of Global Leadership & People, Home Instead • Omaha, NE


To inspire individuals & organizations worldwide. Empowering you with clarity, confidence, joy and authentic purpose to consciously realize your full potential while creating results that impact hearts and minds, as well as the bottom line.


“Someday” starts now. Unlock the power of you.

My mission is simple. To help create greater acceptance, belonging, and connection – with Dignity. 

To empower individuals and teams to release & heal the emotional residue left behind by toxic relationships, toxic behaviors, and toxic workplaces. 

Enabling high-achieving professionals to ask for what you need, set clear boundaries, and communicate effectively. 

Empowering you to Become UnShakeable in all aspects of your life as you live from your authentic heart, mind, and values. 

Enhancing your personal and professional fulfillment that leads to superior business results, and positively impacts the lives of others, the community and the planet.


To unlock human potential, passion & purpose. I do this through my innovative Rapid Rewiring methodology helping you release the fears and self doubts held at a subconscious level to expand your thinking, raise your awareness, and ignite the passion and purpose in your work. 

Helping you to live a happier, more balanced life while doing work you love that enables you to share your gifts, talents and expertise with the world.


To be a force for good in the world.

Nectar Consulting, Inc. is a Certified B Corporation and has the specific public benefit purpose of providing services to individuals and organizations, that improve the mental, emotional and physical health and well-being of our clients through coaching, training and hypnotherapy. Through our work together we educate clients to continually improve and enhance their emotional intelligence and communication skills to enrich their personal and professional happiness and success.

We are committed to donating at least 2.5% of our time, talents and resources to causes that are important. We are committed to using clean, renewable resources as much as possible and strive to be kind to the planet by using environmentally preferred products and practices.
We are committed to doing business with underrepresented populations and women owned businesses whenever and wherever possible.

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Surrender to the Light the Wind Said
Oil on canvas 24″x36″ by Michele Molitor

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