Breakthrough Healing for Leaders- Leadership and Loyalty Podcast Episode

Before I share this amazing guest podcast episode with you I’d like to introduce to you Dov Baron, the host. Dov is a multifaceted businessman and I’ll let him fill you in on his achievements: One of Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers to hire, Dov Baron is an international leadership catalyst. He is the […]

Protecting Your Confidence- Cash Flow Diary Podcast Episode

J. Massey is a full-time Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Popular Podcast Host, Author, Speaker, Coach & All-Around Problem Solver and I knew we would have some amazing topics to go over when I agreed to be a guest on his podcast. To help you learn a bit about J. Before listening in on our conversation […]

Rewire Your Brain and Change Your Limiting Beliefs- Working Women’s Wealth Podcast Episode

It’s always a pleasure to have conversations with people who are passionate about the topics. That’s one of the reasons I enjoyed my conversation with Lisa Linfield from Working Women’s Wealth. Lisa describes herself as: Passionate about saving people money. Passionate about trying to get everyone to invest for their retirement. Passionate about putting in […]

How to Rewire Your Brain to Boost Confidence- LOLA Community Podcast Episode

I joined  Pleasance Silicki from lil omm life academy as a guest on the LOLA Community Podcast where we discussed rewiring your brain to boost confidence. I think that you will enjoy listening to the different ways that your mindset impacts your confidence. You can listen in on our conversation using the embedded player below. Pleasance […]

Think New Thoughts … Your Life Will Follow- Women in Leadership Podcast Episode

Annemarie Cross from Ambitious Entrepreneur Network is known as “The Podcasting Queen” and after our interview, I certainly can see why! I wanted to share a bit of background information about Annemarie before you check out our episode using the embedded player below: “Her work with her clients and helping them get their message out […]

Rewiring your Brain for Success – Join Up Dots Podcast Episode

I joined  David Ralph as a guest on his podcast “Join Up Dots” where we discussed rewiring your brain for success. It was a wonderful conversation and I’m excited to share it with you. David has been a financial trainer and a coach in the City of London, and around the United Kingdom for 20 […]

10 Steps for Tuning In and Turning Up Your Success

What’s the difference between Wanting and Having? Let’s make an important distinction. You see, there is a big difference between “Wanting” and “Having” something. Wanting: means lacking or absent. Deficient in some part, thing or aspect. Having: means to possess, to hold, to get, to receive, to experience. You can have one OR the other, […]