Nectar Consulting Join Up Dots GraphicI joined  David Ralph as a guest on his podcast “Join Up Dots” where we discussed rewiring your brain for success. It was a wonderful conversation and I’m excited to share it with you.

David has been a financial trainer and a coach in the City of London, and around the United Kingdom for 20 years.

One day he realized that he wasn’t living what he was teaching his clients, he wasn’t creating the life that he wanted. So, he looked back,  joined up the dots and realized that what he needed to do was take the strengths, the talent that he’d been utilizing for the last 25-30 years, talking directly to people, hopefully inspiring them and do it on a global basis. He does this by providing inspiring content on a daily basis.

Here is what David says about our episode and you can listen to the full episode on the embedded player below!

“During the entrepreneur podcast show, we had deep hitting conversations with Michele Molitor around subjects such as:

We share why it is so important to reflect on your core drivers to help you imagine what life could be. Your values should drive your passions not the other way around.

Why the more gratitude we share with the world brings about greater and greater rewards into our lives. Life shouldn’t be hard if we only say “Thank You”

The best thing you can do in a terrible job is to find an aspect of that job and savor it. Whatever it may be find that gold and polish it until it shines

And lastly……..

Michele shares the journey from corporate unhappiness to fulfilled entrepreneur and knows that everything in life has been for a reason.”

Listen to the episode here:

You can see the original post HERE

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