Tip # 104 – Ten Keys to Growing Your Business in 2010

Happy New Year Everyone! It’s a new year  and a new decade but some of the old time tested rules still apply. Here are ten keys to growing your business this year: Build Success on Your Core Values and Principles – the things that matter most to you. Get Clear on Your Commitment – to […]

What Are You Grateful For?

As the winter solstice approaches and we start the trek back towards spring, I always take time to pause – to look back on what gifts and lessons the were offered over the year, what I’m most grateful for and how I want to move forward (hopefully with more grace and ease) into the new […]

Be Yourself…

Be Yourself. Life is precious as it is. All elements for your happiness are already here. There is no need to run, strive, search, or struggle. Just Be. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh In a busy world with schedules that overflow, it’s important to remember to pause, breathe and be yourself. This is the most important […]

Inspiration – Where Does Yours Come From?

I’m delighted to say that I’m celebrating the 8th anniversary of Nectar Consulting, Inc. this month!! Wow, hard to believe and very exciting all at the same time! The inspiration for my business was born out of the trials and tribulations of my previous career in web development. Knowing that I could no longer do […]

Master Your Marketing Message – 3 Keys to Attracting More Clients

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of presenting at the Livermore Chamber of Commerce’s Marketing Summit. I was joined by four esteemed colleagues who are all experts in their own fields: Thomas Petty, Bay Area Search Engine Academy – Laser Target Your Internet Presence Chip Doyle, Sandler Training– Spring Load Your Sales Efforts […]

Where Are You Stuck With Your Marketing?

I get to have a lot of great coaching conversations with folks on how to expand their marketing prowess, and there seems to be a common theme of where people tend to get stuck… What I’ve seen time and time again is it’s not so much the marketing activities themselves where people get stuck but […]

Today’s Bite Sized Nugget of Wisdom~

Stu Carty with Constant Contact Rocks! Thanks for all the great info yesterday at the Marketing Summitt! Did you know you can get a free 60-day trial with Constant Contact and stay in touch with all your customers on a regular basis? Email marketing is really a powerful tool, when you know how to use […]

How Would You Rate Your Marketing Strategies?

This year our economy has a new playing field. The old advertising rules no longer work. So for today’s economy,  you have to change your game! How are you doing with your marketing? Rate your company’s efforts and effectiveness from today’s viewpoint using our Marketing Scorecard below and see how you’re really doing in each […]

The Gift of Your Presence

We seem to be in a period of transition – both personally and professionally – as individuals and as a nation. We mourn the loss of friends, family, icons and heros; as well as old ways of doing and ways of being that no longer serve us. Yet, on the other side of transition is […]

10 Keys to Business Growth in a Shifting Economic Landscape…

Today’s economic landscape has been a bit unsteady to say the least. We’ve all heard about it and certainly have seen the effects of it on our bottom line. No matter if you’re a CEO, manager or a one-man-band business owner, today’s economy has sent tremors through us all in different ways. Here are some […]

Imposter Syndrome E-book pop-up

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