I get to have a lot of great coaching conversations with folks on how to expand their marketing prowess, and there seems to be a common theme of where people tend to get stuck…

What I’ve seen time and time again is it’s not so much the marketing activities themselves where people get stuck but a person’s mindset ABOUT marketing. We tend to have certain negative beliefs about what it takes to sell and market our services and thus stop us from really getting into action.

Here are some common internal conversations about marketing:

And, if you look even deeper, your belief’s around money, i.e. how you work with money, and how you set boundaries around using money with regard to your business, Completely effects how you will market your services. In other words, whether you do so, with or without confidence.

You might be surprised at how your beliefs about money – both conscious and unconscious – effect many different areas of your life and business.

So you’re probably wondering, how do I change these limiting beliefs around money or around marketing my services? Well, it’s actually more simple than you might think. The first step is realizing that you have a limiting belief in some area (marketing, money, sales etc. the list goes on and on) so then you can start to work with it and shift it.

As you notice these limiting beliefs, write them down. They tend to be slippery and don’t want to be seen or recognized. Once you can see them in front of you, then I suggest using this powerful tool – “The Work”.

I’ve found “The Work” by Bryon Katie is simple yet profound process in helping to shift a person’s disempowering beliefs that are getting in their way. You can take yourself through these simple questions but it’ll be more effective if you work through them with a friend or your coach to help you clear out old limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. This easy process helps you to see more clearly the games your mind can play with you and replace your limiting mindsets with new empowering beliefs that can move you forward more powerfully!

The trick is to stick with the process and follow it – as many different times with as many different negatives beliefs that you find. The more you uncover and shift, the lighter you’ll feel and the more clearly you’ll be able to move forward in all areas of your life.

Let me know what you discover and what new mindsets you’re taking on as a result! I’d love to hear from you.

To Your Success~


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