I’m delighted to say that I’m celebrating the 8th anniversary of Nectar Consulting, Inc. this month!! Wow, hard to believe and very exciting all at the same time!

The inspiration for my business was born out of the trials and tribulations of my previous career in web development. Knowing that I could no longer do work that was less than fulfilling for me, I set out to find out what was next on my career path and hired a coach to help me. In the process of being coached, I discovered my true passion for helping others find meaning and fulfillment in their work and utilize that to create a successful career or business.

Over the years this has morphed and grown into “Business Coaching and Consulting” which allows me to bring all my tools that I’ve picked up along the way to assist my clients grow their businesses more effectively while staying true to their purpose, values and passions.

I’ve had some amazing teachers along the way and hundreds of clients that have helped me to perfect my craft as a coach. Here are just some of the mentors and teachers that I would like to thank and share with you:

All the leaders at the Coaches Training Institute who trained me to become a certified coach, as well as the Leadership Development program that CTI offers. Chip Doyle with Sandler Training, Robert Middleton with Action Plan Marketing, the amazing teams of Landmark Education, Peak Potentials and Warrior Sage too have all helped me expand and grow my abilities both personally and professionally over the years.

So my question for YOU is this – What inspired you to choose this path you’re on? And what does your work give to you at a deeper level? I’d love to hear your inspiring stories so please share!

Here is one of my favorite quotes…

“To move strongly into your life’s work: open to that which sustains you, stand upon your integrity, honor your body, your feelings and your dreams. Commit to a direction and connect to the communities that resonate with your deepest sense of who you are. You life will unfold as your unique contribution to the world.”

~Rick Jarrow

Thank you to all the people that I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from. You are my inspiration!

With much gratitude~


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