Think New Thoughts … Your Life Will Follow- Women in Leadership Podcast Episode

Annemarie Cross from Ambitious Entrepreneur Network is known as “The Podcasting Queen” and after our interview, I certainly can see why! I wanted to share a bit of background information about Annemarie before you check out our episode using the embedded player below: “Her work with her clients and helping them get their message out […]

Rewiring your Brain for Success – Join Up Dots Podcast Episode

I joined  David Ralph as a guest on his podcast “Join Up Dots” where we discussed rewiring your brain for success. It was a wonderful conversation and I’m excited to share it with you. David has been a financial trainer and a coach in the City of London, and around the United Kingdom for 20 […]

Replacing Limiting Beliefs – Peak Mind Podcast Guest

Earlier in October I joined April Seifert, Ph.D. as a guest on her podcast at Peak Mind to talk about how you can rewire your subconscious mind. We had a fabulous conversation. The Peak Mind podcast helps you build psychological strength through interviews and information from some of the world’s leading experts in the fields […]

If Not Now, Then When?

What is the one thing, the one goal, the one place, the dream career that you’ve been secretly (or not so secretly) been longing to achieve?   What has kept you from moving towards that goal with all you’ve got? What has stopped you or gotten you stuck along the way?   Is it that […]

Your Mind Can Work For You, Or Against You

Have you ever felt like your mind has run away with you? Like someone else was at the controls? Leaving you spinning in circles or falling down the rabbit hole into strange, dark places within yourself? Perhaps leaving you feeling stuck, frustrated and unable to reach the goal, the objective, the success that you want […]

5 Ways To Rewire Your Brain & Reboot Your Confidence

Has Your Confidence Gone Missing? You can thank Amy. Amy is your Amygdala. She is part of your ancient reptilian brain and her soul purpose is to keep you safe. She’s responsible for your fight or flight reaction in your brain. She truly just loves you and wants to protect you and keep you out […]

10 Steps for Tuning In and Turning Up Your Success

What’s the difference between Wanting and Having? Let’s make an important distinction. You see, there is a big difference between “Wanting” and “Having” something. Wanting: means lacking or absent. Deficient in some part, thing or aspect. Having: means to possess, to hold, to get, to receive, to experience. You can have one OR the other, […]

Imposter Syndrome E-book pop-up

Get your copy of my eBook, “Do You Have Imposter Syndrome? – 6 Triggers Crushing Your Confidence.” Discover how imposter syndrome might just be the unconscious block in the way to your success. Along with tools, tips and fresh perspectives on how you can overcome it.