nectar consulting wonder womanSheila Lewis is a formidable woman who has had a  fascinating career. She worked with huge companies like Quaker Oats and Visa before she decided to create her own business. The business she built turned into a multi-billion-dollar company, and as a business strategist, she has helped over 200 businesses- from Fortune 500 and mid-cap firms, large nonprofits to educational institutions.

We had a phenomenal conversation and I’d like to share Sheila’s words about it with you.

The entertainment industry calls it the “X Factor”, that quality that you know when you see it. The French say “Je ne sais quoi”, a quality that cannot be described or easily named. Others may call it gravitas, presenting yourself with seriousness, dignity, and importance.

It is hard to put into words but when that person enters the room, you know that they’ve arrived. In the business environment, what’s important about the person with this aura is that they instill immediate confidence in their ability to get the job done.

In the current climate of social media and the constant bombardment of information, impressions are made in seconds. How you show up and make others feel can be determined quickly and having the presence of mind, body, and spirit to make the best impression possible is critical to your career success.

Your values form the foundation of how people see and respond to you. They inform you about the boundary of confidence that when pushed too far can become arrogance; where talking overpowers listening; and where “getting it done” challenges compassion.

In April, I was invited to speak with executive confidence coach, trainer and best-selling author Michele Molitor. For more than 18 years, Michele has worked with executives and entrepreneurs worldwide. Her Rapid Rewiring™ approach is the culmination of years of study in the areas of neuroscience, organizational psychology, emotional intelligence, and Rapid Transformational Therapy. Her Wonder Women Unite! Podcast was created as a place where rich and bold discussions help women find their voice, step into their confidence, and infuse their leadership style with power beyond measure.

These days, in nearly all circumstances, we are judged nearly instantaneously and sometimes without even uttering a word. So, how we show up, even in our silence, is critically important to how we are perceived. Understanding how we dynamically and memorably move in the space we are in is what presence is all about. And then, imagine what happens when we open our mouths!

One of the most common areas that women ask me for help with is in establishing their presence. This shows up as lacking confidence, being uncomfortable networking, having anxiety about speaking in small or large groups, asking for a raise, and so much more. These situations occur in our lives daily providing opportunities for us to be passed over, or worse, entirely forgotten.

Growing up, many women were told to “be seen but not heard.” As a result, our voices were stymied and our confidence impeded. Finding solid footing and creating a place for ourselves without appearing to be bossy or bitchy can be tough. To overcome takes both patience and practice as we learn a new way of walking and talking.

Whether you choose to step forward or are simply identified among others as someone to pay attention to, I’m your biggest fan and loudest cheerleader. There is a space bigger than you can imagine just waiting for you. Go get it and when you do, come back and tell me all about it.

Check out our conversation here:

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