It’s always a pleasure to have conversations with people who are passionate about the topics. That’s one of the reasons I enjoyed my conversation with Lisa Linfield from Working Women’s Wealth.

Lisa describes herself as:

Passionate about saving people money. Passionate about trying to get everyone to invest for their retirement. Passionate about putting in place ways to protect your money – because stuff does happen. And loathsome of debt – and the way society encourages everyone to get into more debt.

She has three happy daughters, and an amazing partner in life, her husband John. They own a registered Financial Advice business called Southern Pride Wealth, where she works one-on-one with clients.

In addition, she speaks to companies, women’s groups and entrepreneurs about how to lead their best life possible by reaching their financial goals.

Other than that, she is a life long learner. She has a B.Sc., a B.Com (Honours) in Financial Planning, is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), a member of the FIA and has postgraduates from Oxford University, London Business School and Insead.

Here are Lisa’s notes on our conversation:

Do you find that your limiting beliefs are holding you back? Are you stuck in your comfort zone? Are your feelings of ‘not good enough’ getting you down? Are you getting in your own way? Well then, this episode is for you! You see, it turns out that you can rewire your brain and your thinking and develop new habits and beliefs about yourself that will completely change your behaviour. AND you can do it all in 30 days!

Today I chat to Michele Molitor, a business coach and consultant who specialises in a unique technique of coaching called Rapid Rewiring, about how to get clear on what your core values are – the building blocks of what you do and why you do it; how to kick your comfort zone; how to build strong habits that keep you on track, and how to rewire your brain.

In this episode:

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