J. Massey is a full-time Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Popular Podcast Host, Author, Speaker, Coach & All-Around Problem Solver and I knew we would have some amazing topics to go over when I agreed to be a guest on his podcast.

To help you learn a bit about J. Before listening in on our conversation I thought I’d let him tell you about himself and his career:

J. taught real estate strategies based on his years of experience. He owned hundreds of units, raised tens of millions of dollars, and even owned cell phone towers.

He was all but “retired” at the age of 38, when one of his students asked what he knew about short-term rentals – the answer at the time was, “not very much.” He started looking into the model and was astounded at the opportunities it presented.J. now runs a 27 unit short-term rental business, and they create more profit faster than any other strategy he has seen before.

His company, Cashflow Diary, is a short-term rental hospitality training company. Cashflow Diary’s goal is to show people how to build their own short-term rental business (without needing to buy or own any property) so they can thrive financially. You can find everything you need to know about running your own business, and we’ve built a team of fellow short-term rental entrepreneurs from around the world, each with their own expertise – all to give you the blueprint to succeed in this exciting new economy.

Here are J’s highlights from the episode:

Who is Michele Molitor?
At Michele’s heart she is a creator. She was a graphic designer and creative director for many years before she got into coaching and hypnotherapy. Her capacity to listen and be compassionate and help people eliminate their pain led her to what she currently works on now.

Her work in the creative field and web development brought Michele from Atlanta to the San Francisco Bay area. She was in middle of an IPO with her company but their plans were derailed when the market crashed. A few months later Michele was actually bullied out of her job which shattered her confidence and put her in a very difficult situation. Her uncle recommended that she get a coach to regain her confidence and it was then she discovered her true calling as a confidence coach.

We all have junk in our trunk that keeps us from moving forward. After discovering Rapid Transformational Therapy Michele’s life started to shift, she had found the missing piece of her puzzle.

Working With A Confidence Coach
Some people have therapists and see them twice a week for years without seeing any real progress in their life. A confidence coach is all about moving people forward towards their goals, by combining RTT with coaching Michele has been able to get long lasting for her clients in 30 to 60 days.

RTT allows Michele to have a conversation with your subconscious mind where your limiting beliefs live. Those beliefs stay there until a new belief takes its place.

One of the principles of the mind is that it can’t hold two conflicting beliefs at the same time, but the subconscious mind can hold onto beliefs that create a dissonance with the conscious mind.

The more you tell yourself a thought, the more true it becomes for you. You can change the channel and one day you will wake up and it will be your new reality.

Fear can manifest itself in a variety of ways, including physical ailments. Michele has helped people overcome several kinds of addictions, migraines, and other physical problems. RTT allows you to manage your fear response.

What is the most common issue you help people with?
A lot of entrepreneurs work with Michele to find the confidence they once had after some sort of event changed the way they think about themselves. The surface request is usually something like “I want to increase my sales” but it’s typically much deeper than that.

One of Michele’s superpowers is to see her clients heart and help them see it as well.

Typically clients come to Michele when something in their life isn’t working any more and they realize that they need to try something different in order to make a change.

Life is short and we all have the ability to live happy, thriving lives but many of us actually sabotage ourselves when things get too good.

Reference: Breakthrough Healing, Michele Molitor

Michele’s Takeaway
Tell yourself that you absolutely can. Write down your goals and get clear on the outcomes you want to achieve. Tell yourself that you are enough, you always have been enough and always will be. From there you can achieve anything you want to.

Listen to the episode here:

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