As a woman, you may have experienced at least once or twice in your life, someone who has tried to make you feel small and unworthy, as if you didn’t belong or were an outsider, just because you were a woman.

Does this sound familiar?

I know it’s happened to me, and a lot of other women on more than one occasion.

You would think in this day and age, we would have moved beyond petty behaviors such as this. Sadly though, if you turn on the news you see it still happening around the world in many ways, shapes and forms.

Often times as women, we tend to internalize those stories fed to us by those who seek to keep us small.

Unfortunately, Bias is real.

It’s how you handle it though that will make all the difference.

After a long journey to find my way back to my center point,

to my knowing about myself,

I write this #OpenLetter to remind you of who you are as a woman, that is nothing short of miraculous.

Because when you can KNOW this about yourself,

you can stand tall, proud, calm and relaxed – grounded in who you are, and what you have to share with the world.


You Are Enough.

Smart enough.

Savvy enough.

Capable enough.

As women, we are AMAZING.

Individually and collectively.

Not only are we smart, savvy and capable,

We’re running companies, organizations and nations around the world.

Heck, we’re responsible for bringing small humans into the world, which is no small feat (as those of you who have given birth will attest)!

Now, while some outspoken individuals this election season have tried to tell you otherwise, to fool you into believing that you’re not “something” enough, by demeaning women, by putting women down, or “in their place,”

You and I – well, we know better.

But, if by chance, some part of you has forgotten that You Are Enough,

if some fragment of you has bought into the bad mouthing and ugly banter,

if some piece of you has had your confidence and self esteem snuffed out at some point and you can’t seem to find it again,

Here are 7 reminders as to why you really are enough:


You are Unique.

A one and only, once in a lifetime kind of unique. There is only ONE of you in the entire world of 7 billion people. Only you have your experiences (good, bad & ugly) that have created you to be the person you are today.

It’s pretty amazing when you stop to think about it. Your DNA is different than everyone else’s on the planet, an orchestra of cells, chemicals and synapses all firing in perfect synchronicity to have you be here now.

And with that, is the opportunity to speak your truth, and share your brilliance with the world in a myriad of ways.


You are Wise.

With all your experiences comes wisdom, and the opportunity to craft your unique perspectives, talent and genius into something the world has never seen before. To consciously choose how you want to create your path each day as it unfolds.


You are Beautiful.

You are gorgeous human being from the inside-out.

No matter what color your skin, no matter how tall or short or skinny or fat you might consider yourself to be. No matter what your religion or where you live, or how much money you make,

you have a radiant heart full of love that can shine into the darks corners of someone else’s fear and melt it away, just with a smile.


You are Resilient.

When you consider all the tyranny, the judgment, the condemnation, the fear that we as women have suffered from throughout the ages – and yet, we have overcome those difficulties and still continue to thrive.

We have pushed beyond barriers and limiting beliefs about what we can and can’t do.

We have taken our place at the table shoulder-to-shoulder with world leaders, titans of industry, scientists, athletes, artists and inventors.

And, doing it with more style, panache and heart in the process.

All of that is woven into the tapestry that is you.

You can do anything you put your heart and mind to.


You are Successful.

According to the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)

Did you know that more than 9.4 million firms are owned by women,

employing nearly 7.9 million people,

and generating $1.5 trillion in sales as of 2015?


And that number is growing stronger every year.

As you increase your confidence, stand in your “knowing” about your creativity, your brilliance and your expertise, and take back your power from those who would try to hold you down, you are a force to be reckoned with that has others sit up and take notice.


You are Love.

As human beings, we are built to love.

But as a woman you have taken it the moon and back.

Caring and compassionate, kind and gentle, are just a few words to describe how you go out of your way to take care of, nurture and encourage others.

It’s just part of your genetic makeup that has you care more than you should perhaps, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.


You are Miraculous

An extraordinary ball of energy,

formed into flesh and bones, blood, sweat and tears.

You have a heart, mind and lungs that operate all of their own accord.

You have the power to buy into the stories that can pull you down into the depths of hell or lift you up to reach for the stars.

You can literally create new thoughts in the blink of an eye that empower you and move you forward, while letting go of old, destructive beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you.

You are brilliant, bold and strong.

You are amazing, astounding and incredible.

You get to decide, to choose.

What beliefs work for you.

What thoughts lift you up.

What intentions, goals and plans you want to create to lay the path ahead for yourself.

And when you remember to choose to love yourself,

and honor yourself for all you have to offer the world,

Then you’ll know in your heart,

You are enough.

PS.If you find letting in these sacred Truths a bit challenging and are ready to reclaim your confidence, then email me at: and tell me what you’re struggling with. We can schedule your complimentary strategy session to help you take back your life, while taking your career to the next level.

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Michele Molitor, CPCC, PCC, RTT

Your Executive Confidence Coach & Rapid Rewire Expert

As the founder and CEO of Nectar Consulting, Inc., Michele works with executives and entrepreneurs worldwide bringing over 25 years of experience, intuitive insights and strategic business savvy to your success.

Her unique inside-out approach is a culmination of years of study and practice in the realms of emotional intelligence, neuroscience, physics, psychology, sales, marketing and spiritual teachings to help catalyze shifts in your thinking, eliminate mental/emotional blocks and rewire your brain for greater confidence and success. All to enhance your capacity as a leader, build high performing teams and exponentially increase bottom line results.

Enjoy her latest training:

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