Hi! It’s Michele here.

For the last few days I’ve been sending you material to help you reclaim your time, and live the life you really want… and I’ve really appreciated the warm and enthusiastic emails I’ve gotten back in response.

And it occurred to me that I’ve never properly introduced myself.

Perhaps you know that for over 12 years now I’ve been delighted to work with hundreds and hundreds of amazing, brilliant people from around the world as a coach, international speaker, author and trainer. But you probably don’t know a lot of the back-story, so I’ll try and fill some of that in as we go along.

The important thing is though, by being part of the Nectar Consulting community and reading these emails, you’re going to gain insights and support along the way that will help you really get to the heart of the things that are stopping you from having the results you really want – those results that seem to happen as if by magic.

So keep reading….

And make sure you open up and read each of these emails that lands in your inbox. Those dreams you have can be a reality if you just stay plugged in and make the shifts…

So let’s get cracking with the good stuff:

Power of the Curve Ball
I’m truly blessed to have a career that I love, but it wasn’t always this way though… Back in 2000, I hit a wall in my career and found a coach to help me figure out what to do next that helped me start to turn the corner.

You see in my former career, I was a graphic designer and creative director for some global web development companies. I had worked long and hard – striving, “climbing the ladder” and doing my best to compete in the “boys club” in the corporate world.

This is how you succeed right? – this is how you grab the brass ring?

This is what I knew – this striving towards success using my masculine energy – I pushed and pushed and pushed. But then, I nearly broke into pieces.

The dot com boom brought me to San Francisco as the “Director of Experience Design” for hot, new web development company that was just about to IPO. I thought I had finally reached the brass ring… then the “Boom” – “Went bust” and I got knocked off the high tech bus. My ego was crushed and my self-confidence was shattered. My identity felt as if it had been ripped from my heart. Who am I now I wondered?

I called my mom to share my bad news – on that very same call, I learned that a dear friend of our family was dying. I had lost my job, but Al was losing his life.
That day I started wearing a mask of “self confidence” to hide my fears of being seen as “not good enough” and the shattered illusion of myself.Time for your Wake Up Call!

This was Wake up call #1: Figure Out What Your REAL Purpose Is…

…and this was what my soul was whispering to me, probably like yours might be whispering to you.

Hitting this brick wall lead me to coaching! I found my true calling! HORAAY! I got trained certified and continued to fill up my bucket with knowledge over the last 12 years, multiple trainings and certifications in human development, leadership, marketing, and so much more…

Still striving from my masculine energy, I kept pushing and pushing and slowly started to learn how to step into my feminine more and more – discovering along the way that there is some serious power to be tapped into here but honestly, I had only scratched the surface of what that could mean for me.

So I’m doing this dance… doing my best to “make it” as a business owner but really still operating in my old paradigm. Then, 6 years later comes wake up call # 2…

#2 Sometimes Life Throws You Curve Balls That Change *Everything*
Inside of a year, I lost a child and my marriage fell apart.

This completely rocked the very foundations of my world. I was devastated and numb.

How did I respond?

Like a lot of women I’ve discovered…

If you’d like to know more about how to get in-tune with yourself, head over here to read more:

I powered through it. I worked harder, I stuffed all that pain because I couldn’t be with the magnitude of it. I added the mask of “I’m fine” to keep the sadness and grief at bay from myself, and others. Little did I know that this buried the pain more deeply into my core…

So I continue the dance… striving, working hard, pushing through and not listening to my body or my spirit very well. Then a culmination of events happened within a few short months that lead to wake up call #3…

#3 Stuffing Emotions, Instead Of Dealing With Them, Causes More Problems
Depression. Severe & debilitating back pain for months. And, the death of a very close friend.
WAKE UP! (My soul really wanted my attention.)

Finally, I was listening.

I realized that if I wanted to get different results in my life, in my business, I had to LET GO of the old paradigms that I had been operating from. Let go of the pain, guilt, and “not enough-ness” that I had been carrying around for so many years.

This driving masculine force in me that had been leading the charge for most of my life, had to make way for a more feminine approach – actually feeling my feelings, honoring myself by taking better care of me and learning to say No so I wasn’t so overwhelmed by my life.

I realized that it was time – time to leap into the greater unknown. To surrender to what my spirit had been calling me to do for the last 12 years – to step fully into my ART – my Authentic Real Truth – my power, talents and gifts –even if it scared the living crap out of me.

The unexpected loss of my friend Stasi reminded me of the lesson I had learned but forgotten:

Life is short. Live it fully.

Most importantly: Don’t let fear run your life.
So with wake up call # 3, I’ve been reminded deeply of this. I’ve found my voice so I can help you reclaim your time by reconnecting with what’s REALLY important to you.

Reconnect with Your passion, your dreams, and your purpose and reclaim your voice. Create a life that aligns with your authentic self – one that gives you the freedom you crave, the success you deserve, along with the joy, well-being and inner peace that your soul is longing for.

My purpose, my mission is to help you live into your full potential. Not doing what you “think you should be doing” but what makes you come alive as your authentic self – as the authentic leader that you are. Because when you are operating from this place, doing what you love, you will naturally excel in whatever that is and success will find you.

So here’s the lesson: When you’re unhappy and uncomfortable in your skin, there’s probably a reason for it. Listen to your heart, your body, and your spirit. It knows what you need.

Anyway, I hope this has helped. My goal here was for us to get better acquainted and for you to get better results by going forward more boldly. Hopefully we’ve achieved both. 🙂

Hit reply and let me know if you’ve got any questions, and stay tuned – there’s more coming soon.

Warm regards,

“Someday” starts Now. Unlock the Power of You.


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