Transitions – life is full of them. The trick is how we respond versus react to them.

Whether these shifts are large or small, personal or professional or all of the above, we each have the opportunity to respond in a good way.  Now, you may be thinking about some very difficult and unexpected transition that has come your way and are asking “How do I respond in a “GOOD way??”

Be Transformed colored ink on paper
“Be Transformed” by Michele Molitor

Reacting to any of these shifts can easily trigger a knee jerk reaction, pushing against what’s happening and creating any level of drama around it. This only tends to exacerbate the situation and can create an even bigger energy drain on yourself.

What I mean by “respond in a good way” is to:

(This applies both in your personal and professional life BTW.)

I’ve also found it immensely helpful to ask myself two questions in these challenging times:

These two questions help to bring me back to the present moment and get out of the story or drama around the situation.

The next step is to then get quiet and listen to what your intuition has to tell you in response to either of these questions. You may be surprised what information and ideas arise from the depths of your being. We all have this wisdom that lives within us when we take a moment to stop and really listen to it.

This internal guidance system will help you work through the challenge in the moment and get through to the other side so you can keep moving forward towards your goals and objectives.

Life is full of these ups and downs and the transitions in between. I believe they’re intended to help us feel more deeply in both directions so we can more fully appreciate the beauty of this life in each moment and the amazing gifts it has to offer when we are open to receiving them!

Make it a great week!

With gratitude~


Founder Nectar Consulting, Inc.

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