Today I had a great time talking with Ana Lucia Novak on her Savvy Business Leader Blog Talk Radio Show! Ana is a super savvy Social Media Maven who has helped me streamline my social media marketing efforts and made me look really good while helping me grow my social media connections. (Thanks!)

On her show, we talked about the process of “Review, Refine, Recommit”, a thought-provoking series of exercises and questions to help business leaders take a step back from the fray of running their business or division everyday to review, refine and recommit – to their core values as they apply to the vision and mission of their organization, re-evaluate and refine their company goals from a fresh perspective, and recommit to those goals by putting clear time lines and accountability plans into place to achieve those goals. These exercises and activities give leaders the space necessary to refine their vision and mission from today’s perspective and identify new goals and strategies for success to achieve that vision.

The conversation was just a taste of the longer, in-person class I’m teaching on January 12th from 10am to noon at The Educators’ Institute in downtown Oakland, CA. It’s a hands-on program that gives you time to clarify how you want to move forward powerfully into this new year for greater success.

Listen in to the Savvy Business Leader Blog Talk Radio Show to get a boat load of though-provoking questions to help you create your vision for the new year or join me for class next week (it’s easy to register online)!

Here’s to your prosperous New Year!



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