Awakened Wisdom by Patrick Ryan is Spirituality Bestseller!

My friend and colleague – Patrick Ryan’s New Book Awakened Wisdom: A Guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance had its official Amazon launch today, and the results so far are inspiring. Within the first few hours, Awakened Wisdom became a bestseller in spirituality in both the US and Canada.

Most impressively, the book took the Number-2 slot in Canadian spirituality sales, and the #5 slot in Self Help, sharing the very same page on Amazon with top-selling spirituality titles such as Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements, Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth and Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love. At one point, Patrick and Eckhart were dancing back and forth in the top 5 spots on the Canadian list, which is interesting because so many people have compared these two writers even before the book was released.

Patrick’s book is currently in great company in the top five of behind Eat. Pray. Love and in front of The Four Agreements, A New Earth and The Power of Now. Not too shabby!

Born in the Canadian prairies, and surviving a near-death experience in his youth, Patrick Ryan has been a life-long spiritual seeker. He spent some time as a Buddhist monk in Burma, and has studied the world over with healers, shamans and other indigenous wise people. The culmination of his multifaceted experiences, from the home-spun to the esoteric, is to be found within his unique, and inimitably down-to-earth, system of spiritual development he calls “Awakened Wisdom”, which he has taught in workshops throughout the world for several years. The essence of those teachings, along with practical exercises for cultivating them in your life, may now be found within the pages of his newly bestselling book.

The Awakened Wisdom launch continues tomorrow and, with the help of more than 40 other authors, coaches, entrepreneurs and spiritual teachers who have kindly offered their help in spreading the word about this wonderful new book, the Awakened Wisdom team hope to see it rise into the top 10 in the United States, before the launch is over.

In celebration of the official release of Awakened Wisdom, Patrick Ryan and his associates are giving away over 40 exceptional personal development and spiritual growth gifts when you purchase a copy the book during the launch.

One of these gifts is an unprecedented 2-session “Awakened Wisdom Virtual Experience”, in which author Patrick Ryan will take participants on a journey through the “8 States of an Awakened Life” via webcast in May. This is a rare opportunity to learn directly from a world-renowned spiritual teacher—and now top-selling spirituality author.

I myself am offering excerpts from both of my books – A Guide to Getting It: A Clear Compelling Vision and Got Experts? Volume II.

To pick up your copy of the Awakened Wisdom, get all those free gifts, and sign up for this very special event, which is open ONLY to those who purchase the book this week, go to:

Make sure you do this as soon as possible, as the launch ends this Thursday, April 22.

I love to watch friends and colleagues Thrive – what a celebration! And, we’ll get to #1 soon!

Thanks for your support in helping Patrick get to #1 in both the US and in Canada!

With gratitude~


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