No matter how good you are at your work, no matter how smart and savvy you may be in your field of expertise, chances are you’ve sweated through many a sleepless night struggling with a situation that felt too big, too important or too complex to figure out all on your own.

If only a sign would drop down out of the sky saying, “Do this.” If only a wise and trusted expert would walk up and whisper into your ear the very nugget of truth you needed to hear.

Okay, so none of the above may be options. But I do believe I can offer something that comes pretty darned close!

“Got Experts?” Key Insights and Advice from Today’s Business Experts —Volume One

“Got Experts?” Key Insights and Advice from Today’s Well-Being Experts —Volume Two

These newly released ebooks (by Michele Molitor) are packed with key insights and advice from today’s top business and well-being experts. Each ebook offers a diverse collection of wisdom on a vast array of subjects. From business concerns — like branding, public relations, networking and even HR issues — to how to best care for yourself, keep motivated, stay healthy and be happy.

Here’s a small sampling of some of the topics covered in the “Got Experts?” ebooks:(for the entire index of chapters, go here ).
• What it really takes to be a successful Business Owner.
• How to get the best from your team.
• The secret to creating a business plan that works.
• How laughing contributes to perfect health, better relationships and even enlightenment!
• What you MUST know if you’re just starting out in business.
• What’s the big deal about Branding?
• How to use Feng Shui to get good energy flowing in your office and home.
• An Insider’s Secrets to getting your articles published.
• How to make the media fall in love with you and your business.
• Achieve your ideal weight easily with hypnosis.
• 12 Secrets to getting healthy, having more energy and feeling great.

And there’s so much more!
As you may have noticed, the topics covered in these ebooks address the concerns and questions you may have about both your business AND your personal well-being. Because let’s face it. You won’t enjoy the success of your business if you feel exhausted, unhappy or out of balance.

So if you’re ready to experience more success and satisfaction in both your business and your personal life (without stressing out and losing sleep), the “Got Experts?” ebooks  are a must-have!

Oh, by the way… this pair of ebooks usually sells for $39.37. But for a limited amount of time, I’m offering a special introductory price of $19.97! It’s a steal! Go grab ‘em!

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