Take time to Review, Refine an…

Take time to Review, Refine and Recommit to your personal and professional goals tomorrow over lunch http://www.sanramon.org/node/5005

Power Marketing Secrets for Today’s Economy

I wanted to let you know about a great opportunity to help you expand your thinking to grow your business – coming up on May 20th. The Livermore Chamber of Commerce is hosting the  “Power Marketing Secrets for Today’s Economy” In 2010, the economy has a different kind of playing field and the old advertising […]

Learn how to create a quantum …

Learn how to create a quantum leap of growth in your business – May 20th Marketing Summit – info you can use! :http://bit.ly/cs01PJ

Tip # 104 – Ten Keys to Growing Your Business in 2010

Happy New Year Everyone! It’s a new year  and a new decade but some of the old time tested rules still apply. Here are ten keys to growing your business this year: Build Success on Your Core Values and Principles – the things that matter most to you. Get Clear on Your Commitment – to […]

Most folks are about as happy …

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be – Abraham Lincoln… What is one thing you can do today to share happiness?

Imposter Syndrome E-book pop-up

Get your copy of my eBook, “Do You Have Imposter Syndrome? – 6 Triggers Crushing Your Confidence.” Discover how imposter syndrome might just be the unconscious block in the way to your success. Along with tools, tips and fresh perspectives on how you can overcome it.