Debunking the myths about hypnosis

I’m curious, what do you make up about hypnosis?

There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about what hypnosis is. Let’s debunk the myths and create understanding about how beneficial hypnotherapy can be to overcome a variety of emotional and physical challenges and set the record straight.

While yes, there are those who use it in stage acts, the work that I do is Definitely Not That.

(I *promise* I will NEVER make you cluck like a chicken…)


Hypnotherapy is a serious process of self-improvement, not entertainment.

It is a scientifically proven methodology often used as an adjunct to other beneficial therapies for long-lasting benefits.

In fact, hypnosis is very safe and is a state of hyper-awareness.

For example, any time there is an emergency, a person would naturally be able to come out of the hypnotic state by opening their eyes, and stretching or speaking. Most people easily enter ‘Environmental Hypnosis’ while at the movies, watching TV, driving on the highway, or while reading a good book.

It is because of these misconceptions that I’ve given hundreds of podcast, radio, and TV interviews, talks and masterclasses on the many benefits of combining hypnotherapy and coaching together to supercharge your life. I guide and empower clients to release the emotional ‘junk in their trunk’ that they’ve been carrying around for decades and rewiring their nervous system with new beliefs and habits for success.

So let me share with you a bit more about what it is and the profound results it has created for my clients.


Who uses hypnotherapy?


What have my clients wanted to address through hypnotherapy?

To relieve  a variety of issues:


What have my clients said about their experience?

Check out the client testimonials on my website here.


And here are just a few 5-star reviews from happy clients:

Janay Neufield short testimonial

Greg Uyehara testimonial

Melinda Wittstock testimonial

Marvin Testimonial HTBU


If this resonates, then let’s find a time to talk.

Schedule your confidential call today. 

Don’t let misinformation about hypnosis cloud your perspectives on how healing hypnotherapy can be to help you release your fears and start living your best life yet!

I look forward to connecting with you.

In Service & Love,


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