Better Communication – Breaking Free with Rania Kurdi

I am joined by Michele Moliter, founder and CEO of Nectar Consulting. Michele is widely recognized for her expertise in helping high-achieving professionals elevate their confidence and self-worth, leading to greater success in their careers.

As a nationally acclaimed speaker, certified executive coach, and co-author of the best-selling book “Breakthrough Healing,” Michele has earned the endearing nickname of the “Mind Detective” from her clients. Her exceptional ability to uncover and address underlying challenges sets her apart in the field.

During our conversation, Michele unveils an incredible tool that revolutionizes communication dynamics between work colleagues and romantic partners. But here’s the twist—she puts this tool to the test by analyzing the results of a quiz taken by yours truly. And that’s not all! Michele has generously prepared a special code for you to personally experience the power of this tool at

Discussed in this episode:

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