How To Build Unshakeable Confidence w/ Michele Molitor

With Roberta Ndlela

Why is willpower not enough to change behavior or heal trauma?

How can you rewire yourself to amplify your success? Can hypnosis help boost confidence and self-esteem?

Michele Molitor is a Hypnotherapist, Coach, and Mind Detective who works with individuals helping them overcome Imposter Syndrome to increase their confidence & clarity, enhance their well-being & elevate career success with purpose. As the founder and CEO of Nectar Consulting, Inc. and co-author of the best-selling book “Breakthrough Healing,” Michele works with executives, entrepreneurs, and high-performing individuals bringing over 30 years of experience, intuitive insights, and strategic business savvy to your success.

Michele’s unique Rapid Rewiring™is an innovative and integrative healing approach that expertly combines a variety of science-based modalities, positive psychology, and spiritual and energetic principles to achieve long-lasting, mind, heart, and soul level transformation.

Her clients dubbed her “The Mind Detective” because of her uncanny ability to help them remove the blocks created by anxiety, overwhelm, burnout, and corporate PTSD. As a nationally recognized speaker, certified executive coach, Rapid Transformational Therapy™ & HeartHealing™ practitioner, consultant, trainer, and writer.

She has provided executive coaching, training, and leadership development in a variety of industry verticals: Aviation, Public Utilities, Insurance, Law, Engineering, Education, Marketing, High Tech, Finance, and Real Estate in both the public and private sectors.

In this episode, Michele details how it’s the subtle, yet intangible difference that shows in all you do, how you speak, and the presence you carry as a leader.

Listen as Michele shares:
– how to succeed at overcoming anxiety
– actionable steps to become unshakeable
– remove the subconscious fears, blocks, & blind spots caused by imposter syndrome
– how to discover, rewire and transform your life in 90 days
– how to feed your brain, accelerate learning and enhance well-being
– why the kind of change you want eludes you
– how to upgrade your thinking
– how the Fight, Flight, Freeze mechanism affects our choices
– the effect of trauma on the nervous system
– debunking myths about hypnotherapy
– how to release trigger points
– the 5 self-doubt archetypes
– how to own your self-worth
– the mind-body connection and its power
– the blocks that create stress and anxiety
– how to reduce stress and increase productivity

…and so much more!

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