020: Michele Molitor – The Mind Detective: Taming Your Self-Doubt & Discovering That You Are Enough

With Jonathan DeYoe: Mindful Money

Michele Molitor is a hypnotherapist, coach, speaker, author, and Founder and CEO of Nectar Consulting. Michele has been using her intuitive insights and strategic savvy to support entrepreneurs for nearly thirty years.

Today, Jonathan and Michele dive deep into Imposter Syndrome and other archetypes of self-doubt. Michele speaks to the work she has done with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), the power of positive affirmations, and why it is critical to respond rather than react to self-doubt.

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Key Takeaways

00:59 – Jonathan introduces today’s guest, Michele Molitor, who shares where she got her entrepreneurial spirit and how working with other entrepreneurs has evolved over the years
10:27 – The incredible burst of businesses in the wake of the global pandemic
13:04 – Imposter Syndrome, the debilitating impact it can have, and what causes it
23:44 – Social media and self-comparison
27:52 – The Five Archetypes of Self-Doubt
34:56 – Tips and best practices for combating self-doubt
41:32 – Jonathan shares a personal story of how hypnotherapy helped him as a child
43:59 – Pandemic PTSD
47:33 – One practice to implement to combat self-doubt and one to avoid
54:24 – The last thing Michele changed her mind about and one thing that she would like people to know about her
57:07 – Jonathan thanks Michele for joining the show and lets listeners know where to connect with her

Tweetable Quotes

“The thought of joining the family business and being under the judgmental eye of my mom, my dad, my brother, and my sister, I said, ‘Oh no. That is so not happening.’ So, I actually ran as far away as I could possibly conceive, which was back to France for me. So, becoming an entrepreneur myself wasn’t something I expected to do. It’s something I kind of stumbled into.”

“Job security isn’t so secure anymore. People don’t stay in jobs for ten, twenty, thirty years anymore. It’s just unheard of. And there’s not that level of loyalty I think in corporations nearly as much either.”

“One of my favorite quotes is, ‘When you look fear in the face, it turns into the nothingness that it actually is.'”

“It’s a level of knowledge and expertise that you bring to the table. When you’re nineteen, you’re still green and still learning. So, I’m learning and I’m putting my big girl pants on and I’m trying to look professional, but I’m still not quite sure who I am yet. I think Imposter Syndrome qualifies more as Imposter Syndrome when you’ve grown a bit more, you’re more mature, you know who you are to degrees, and you’ve had some level of established profession.”

“No matter how hard someone tries to separate their business from their personal life, they are the human at the center of all of it. And it’s the beliefs they hold about themselves that have them show up fully or hide out – whether that’s personally or professionally.”

“We all deal with self-doubt at some point in our lives; no one escapes it. The trick is learning to recognize it in the moment more quickly, because you’re more self-aware, and then learning how to respond effectively versus react from a place of pain or fear. That’s the crux right there is how do I respond versus react? And that’s where the learning happens.”

“If we can take more time to pause in our day, to get quiet, to tune in to our own heart – our owns spirit in that place of mindfulness – to go to that void, that we can get more connected to our own higher self, our own divinity if you will, and let that inform us as to what’s needed now.”

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