Ep.117 – Michele Molitor – How to become unshakable

Chatting with Michele Molitor brings up a lot of good vibes and commitment of oneself and others. Analyzing what Imposter Syndrome is and what triggers it. Explaining what Rapid Rewiring is and how does it help you overcome your limiting beliefs.

Michele Molitor is the Founder and CEO of Nectar Consulting Inc., and co-author of the best-selling book “Breakthrough Healing.” She works with executives and entrepreneurs bringing over 30 years of experience, intuitive insights and strategic business savvy to their success. She is an expert at helping business professionals remove the emotional and physical blocks created by imposter syndrome to help them achieve greater success, well-being, and career satisfaction.

Michele’s unique Rapid RewiringTM approach helps business professionals subconsciously remove the fear, self-doubt & blocks created by imposter syndrome to elevate their confidence and achieve greater success, well-being, & career satisfaction.


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