As a business owner, you know that good marketing plays a crucial role in your success. You recognize that social media content is needed to keep your followers growing, happy and interested in the amazing work that you do. You probably also know that keeping a strong online presence is the name of today’s game.

But I’m guessing you can relate to never having enough time to feed this insatiable marketing beast that is like a growling stomach that never seems satisfied. The challenge is unless you are actually a marketing expert, your specialties, skills and knowledge lie elsewhere.

Running your own show means you’re spending time working IN your business, doing the thing that you do so well and then there is all the time you have to spend working ON your business to keep the doors open and the lights on – keeping that steady flow of customers coming through those doors (real or virtual).

So how do you, as the modern-day Wonder Woman (or Super Man) a.k.a. entrepreneur, business owner and thought leader keep up with the demands of your company while also continuously cranking the marketing machine?

I have discovered the answer…

Podcast Guesting!

Being featured as an expert guest on podcast show has been a joy for me and has tremendously benefited my business as well. From the comfort of my office chair (and my slippers if I’m really being honest) with little more than my yeti microphone and 30-60 minutes of my time, I’m having interesting and engaging one-to-one conversations with some amazing podcast hosts from around the globe! Enabling me to share my story and some nuggets of wisdom that I’ve learned along my path. And, hopefully inspiring others as I share valuable tips and tools for listeners worldwide to help them live with greater clarity, ease and success.


Here are 6 Joyful Reasons for Being A Podcast Guest…

  1. Making New Friends. I love to meet new people and talk about cool stuff that matters. This enables me to do that while simultaneously giving my company the exposure that I wouldn’t reach otherwise as the podcast hosts have particular niches that they reach. And in today’s market, that gives me an edge over my competition.


  1. Thought Leadership. Each interview helps to further establish me as a thought-leader, boosting my reputation as an industry expert. Within an interview session I also have the opportunity to direct interested listeners to my website and even offer a free ebook + MP3 recording so they can get a taste of what my work is about (which also helps grow my email list)!


  1. Going Green. Each time an episode is aired it becomes ever-green marketing content that is forever searchable online. Months, even years, after I have recorded an interview a person who searches my name, my business, or even an area of my expertise, can find and listen to my interview. Additionally, my team and I can use each episode as content to be repurposed and posted on my website and social media channels (gotta feed the marketing beast!).


  1. Two-for-One. Probably of most value to my business though, comes from the host posting it out to their tribe. After recording an interview, most podcast hosts will post the episodes to their website with show notes and the transcript, which also links back to my site as well. What this does for me (or you), as the guest, is provides organic backlinks which impacts your SEO in an enormously positive way. (Google loves organic backlinks!)


  1. Pay It Forward. I’ve been blessed to have many teachers and guides along my path, giving me just the right piece of information, idea or helping hand that I needed, just in the moment that I needed it. Helping me to overcome a stuck point or a blind spot along my journey. Being a guest on different podcasts gives me the opportunity to pay it forward. To share the ideas and insights I’ve picked up along the way with others, hopefully helping someone to have that breakthrough insight or big Ah-ha that creates a quantum leap in their personal growth and professional success.


  1. It’s A Small World After All. Working with a variety of podcast hosts from around the globe not only extends the reach of my audience but sheds light and love into places that I couldn’t have reached on my own necessarily. I love sharing new ideas with others, and being able to do that with folks from all around the world is one small step that I can take that ultimately helps creates greater understanding and compassion, bringing us all a little closer together.


Truth be told, I love being a guest on podcasts, but in reality I do not have the time (or desire) to constantly be emailing podcasts hosts and pitching myself as their next amazing guest.

Remember, work smarter, not harder!

Work from Your strengths and passions and let others with different strengths and passions support your growth.

So you want to know what my secret weapon? Who is part of my super support team?

I have a couple of folks to give big shouts to!

For podcasting, I work with The Expert Bookers.

Natalie Davey and her team are a delight to work with and do all the heavy lifting for me. They secure and schedule all of my interviews, ensuring every booking is on a quality show that is worth my time, in areas that speak to my expertise and with my target audience. They do it all and do it well. I highly recommend them!



My other secret support super star is Michelle Berkeley, and her admin team at Done By 5.

They not only handle working with Natalie to schedule my podcast interviews but also my social media graphics and postings, task management and so much more.

Be sure to check out their websites, or drop them an email with any questions you might have about their affordable services.

I’m a big fan of #DoWhatYouLove  #LoveWhatYouDo

Being a podcast guest let’s me do just that and share the love and learning that has been given to me over the years. Because when you are operating more often than not from your Sweet Spot, it lifts your spirits, energizes your thinking and raises your vibration, helping you to do more of what you love, each and every day!

And isn’t that what You really want?

If you’d like to hear some of cool folks that I’ve had a pleasure of talking with, simply visit the Brain Candy section on my websitefor all my podcast interviews and articles or search ‘Michele Molitor’ on one of your favorite podcast players like iTunes, Google Play, Sticher or Podbean.

To Your Success!

Love & Light,


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