"V is for Vulnerable" by Seth Godin
Illustration by Hugh MacLeod


Birl that log. Find your balance by losing it, and commit to feet in motion until you’re birling and the log is spinning. The log isn’t going to spin itself, you know. A spinning log is stable for a while, but not forever. That’s why birling is worth watching.”       ~ Seth Godin

I can feel the wobbliness of trying to stand on a rolling log in the water, can’t you? Feels like it might be impossible to do perhaps.  But as Seth points to, it’s all in the Commitment of Action.  You have to commit fully to what you’re doing or you’re likely to get thrown off balance and lose your footing. This applies both as a person and as a leader.

I love this thought – “find your balance by losing it”.  That’s why we’re given challenges in life I believe, so we can re-find our balance. To help us re-connect with the center-point of what’s really important to us – of what we’re willing to fully commit to without a doubt.

It’s at that center point where our core values live – at the heart of everything that we do.  And I’ve found from my own trials and tribulations that these life “tests”, serve to help us Wake Up! To alert us to those core values that perhaps we’ve fallen asleep to. This encourages us to take a deeper look at how well we’re living our core values – both as a personally and professionally. Or conversely, to help us realize what it’s costing us, to not be living from those values…

Today’s Pondering Question: Where have you fallen asleep to your core values? How can you bring them to life more fully through your daily thoughts, words and actions?

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If you’re feeling a bit wobbly, and would like some assistance to re-connect with your center point to be a more effective leader, then contact me to schedule your complimentary strategy session.Michele Molitor, Nectar Consulting, Inc.

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