As we leap into a new year filled with possibility, it’s great when we can start the year off with inspiration, clarity and purpose! And, sometimes, just sometimes, our inner critics, (our lizard brain) are quick to jump in and knock us off track to keep us “safe” and small and quiet, hoping that no one will actually see the greatness that lies within each and everyone of us, which is just waiting to be fully expressed in a myriad of different ways.

When looking for my own inspiration, I often turn to Seth Godin’s writing and books. His quirky style and message deeply resonates with me and spurs my own creative thinking and writings.  So with gratitude, I’ll be sharing with you bits from one of his latest books “V is for Vulnerable – Life Outside the Comfort Zone” An ABCs for Grownups book as a fun way to help inspire your thinking and your leadership to new places this year as we get this party started!

I chose the alphabet as a metaphor for simplicity, for getting back to basics – to the foundation of everything. It’s from there that we need to remember to operate – being true to ourselves.  It’s when we forget who we really are that we go astray, wandering too far off the path and lose sight of our vision, our goals, and our purpose.  These weekly reminders are intended to be a fun way to help you get back on track and stay on track, so you can be the best leader you can be in whatever form that may take.

I’ll be curious to know what comes up for you as you read along and try on the pondering questions each week to expand your thinking, your leadership and your work.

My intention is to help you create your life, your work, and your leadership as a form of art.

Your Art is a gift to the world, and we need it.

With love & gratitude,

Michele Molitor


Aillustration by Hugh MacLeod

Anxiety is experiencing failure in advance. Tell yourself enough vivid stories about the worst possible outcome of your work and soon you’ll come to believe them. Worry is not preparation, and anxiety doesn’t make you better.” ~ Seth Godin

Perhaps you’ve experienced this sensation… the “What if’s?”, the “OMGs, how is this going to work?”, the “I have no freaking idea what to do next to get myself where I want to really go!” , the feelings of dread, fear and uneasiness on how to move forward.

We’ve all experienced them at some point or another. Starting the new year off with visions, goals and dreams for the year ahead, it’s no surprise that our inner critics get all up in arms about what you’re doing and how you’re going to do it.

It’s easy to get caught up in the stories that we tell ourselves. I’m here to tell you though that they’re merely an illusion.

You can change your outer world by changing you inner world.  Make a conscious choice in each day to tell yourself positive things. Focusing on what you CAN do versus what you Can’t do.

This doesn’t mean stick your head in the sand and ignore the problems that you may have, it means face them head on, consciously, finding the best attitude you can as you embrace those challenges so you can move forward effectively.

Today’s Pondering Question: What’s one thing you can do today that will shift your Anxiety to Awesome, Amazing or even Awe-inspiring?

Be sure to hit reply and let me know!

But, if you find yourself getting caught up in the stories your lizard brain is trying to tell you, then you’ll want to contact me to book your complimentary Strategy Session to help you get unstuck and on the road to success.

Michele Molitor, Nectar Consulting, Inc.

Warm regards,


“Someday” Starts Now. Unlock the Power of YOU.


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