As the end of 2013 is quickly approaching, it’s important to pause and reflect. Noticing what you want to leave behind that no longer serves your growth (you know that “stuck” energy that had you bogged down, spinning in circles and feeling overwhelmed!) and pondering how you can step into 2014 with greater clarity, ease and joy.

In my last blog article, I was asking you about how to get the Resistance Monkey off your back so you can kick things into high gear in January. Your resistance will show up when you’re moving past the edges of your comfort zone. And the further you dare to venture past your edges, the louder it will get as well. But as I mentioned this is where your new learning and growth is to be found.

This uncomfortable, squirmy place is where you’re also most likely to rediscover your “Sweet Spot”…. The place where your core values, passions and strengths converge. Where you’re fully aligned with your work, firing on all cylinders and time disappears.Discover the sweet spot of your Values, Passions and Strengths


This is the place that your soul is calling you towards – the place that brings your time, energy and talents into alignment in service of something greater than yourself.

I call this place your ART – Your Authentic Real Truth.

Often we take our ART for granted because it comes so easy to us.

We THINK, that everyone can do this easily – right?

Nope. You’re unique. You’re an amazing intermingling of DNA, experiences, thoughts, insights and perspectives from which your sweet spot is born – rising up to meet the new day and take flight; the wind beneath your wings allowing you to soar as you share your amazing contributions with the world.

And as you do your best to deliver on your soul’s calling from this place, that’s when the monkey will start to scream, bite, kick and pull you back down into your comfort zone to keep you from it. (Monkeys aren’t always cute….)

Not only is it challenging to get the Resistance Monkey off your back but you have to keep it off your back as you stretch and grow while delivering your ART to the world.

Know that you’re not alone though.

We’re all struggling with our resistance in some form or another. Sometimes the struggle is so great, it keeps you from actually even realizing WHAT your Sweet Spot is! Not knowing can be painful too. (Well, it’s not painful until you wake up one day and realize that there’s something bigger for you to be doing, offering, creating, being in the world).

That’s when the squirming in your seat *really* begins. Sometimes, it’s a slowwww realization that starts to occur and for others it happens in the blink of an eye – the moment when you ask yourself “What’s REALLY important here?” (This often gets the “Mid-Life Crisis” label but it can happen at any time in your life and can be triggered by any number of circumstances).

So you might be asking yourself “How do I figure out what MY sweet spot is? Great question.

The best way is to pause and consider these three questions:

As you delve into your answers with yourself, you’ll reveal your own heart’s core and the gifts you naturally have to share.

Here’s a beautiful example…

My dear friend Shariann Tom is an amazing coach and, FIVE time Cancer survivor – from her life changing experiences with Cancer she has created The Cancer Journey – a coaching and support program and coach training for those who are walking along their cancer journey as a patient, family member or caregiver.

She’s passionate about her work, operating fully from her core values and strengths to help others. She is LIVING her ART.

What’s your Your ART?

I’d love to know! Email me or share your thoughts on my facebook page.

Warm regards,





Someday Starts Now. Unlock the Power of YOU.


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