And why is it in such great demand today?

I believe that the old structures and ways of being are starting to fall away. People are more and more dissatisfied with the status quo and are looking for positive change.  And while there are many who have the ability to be inspired leaders, not all are willing to take the risk to do so.

It takes gusto to stand out and lead the way, especially when the ideas you’re willing to fight for are unconventional or unpopular. But isn’t that what our country is based on? Isn’t that how the United States of America came into being? Standing up for the freedoms we hold so dear today?Martin Luther King Jr.

So, how would you define Inspired Leadership?

Here’s my take:

Individuals who have the clarity, insights and passion for the work they’re doing, not to mention the courage to take risks, stand out from the crowd and aren’t afraid to raise a ruckus! These leaders inspire others to bring their gifts and talents fully to the game, and in doing so transform the world in big and small ways – both in the hearts and minds of others — creating a far greater impact than they realize.”

I ask the question because as we roll deeper into this election year with so many different important issues on the table, it’s vital that we find more Inspired Leaders to take a stand for what’s needed and what’s right (no matter which side of the table they’re sitting on).

Whether this is on a global scale or at the local level, Inspired Leadership requires passion and the ability to stand firmly rooted in your values for the sake of something bigger than yourself and the tribe you wish to serve.  It’s also the secret sauce that drives teams with a purpose, inspires innovative thinking and the creation of whole new paradigm shifts that make this a better world for all of us.

Are you an Inspired Leader?

What is the burning desire at your core that you want to see fulfilled? In other words, what’s your WHY?  (- why get out of bed each day to do what you’re doing, fight the fight and take a stand)?

For the sake of What?

In all the years in my work as a coach, I have found that this bigger WHY stems from a well of values that are held close to our core, the ideals that are like water and air to each of us. It is these values that are the vital sustenance to our daily living and maintaining a joyful spirit. When these get pushed aside or overlooked somehow, this is what causes our greatest stress and pain.

As you remember or reclaim your values, you will find more clarity about your own WHY and can step more into your own power as an Inspired Leader.

So as an Inspired Leader – what are you taking a stand for?

I’d Love to know!


To Your Success~




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