In life and in business, we get stuck on the side of the road. The road of where we want to go. The road where we are traveling towards our goals but somehow we’ve gotten off track, keeping us from getting to where we have our sites set on going.

Besides the ever-popular Tow Truck that you can call to get you going again, what can you do to get you back on track and moving forward again?Stuck on the side of the road

Here are a few suggestions that have worked for me along my path…

(0)   Tow Truck… (I actually wrote this while waiting for the tow truck the other day when my car temporarily stopped going forward…LOL!)

(1)   Keep breathing – noticing where you’re holding your breath. Keeping from fully taking in what’s available to you to help you.  When you take a deep breath in, letting it out more slowly than the inhale, it slows down your sympathetic nervous system which helps you tune into what your body and heart need more than your perhaps racing mind.

(2)   Figure out what you might be afraid of. What are you avoiding? What’s really in between you and achieving your goals?  When you can get at the underlying issues, it’s much easier to figure out what corrective measures are needed. Otherwise you might be putting a band aid on the problem while not really finding a true solution.

(3)   Get clear on what your goals are from Today’s perspective. Not yesterday’s, or last year’s and Certainly not the goals that someone else may have “loaned” you (No parents have ever done that…) And while you’re at it, don’t be plain vanilla with your goals – be outrageous! What’s the Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) that you dare to dream? What would it take to achieve it? And when you DO achieve what will it FEEL like?  As you get clear on what your heart’s desires are – the ones that stir you passion and purpose, you’ll be far more motivated to get into high gear and creating your dreams!

(4)   Now you can get into action! Determine your plan first, don’t go running all willy-nilly in circles. Write out what steps are needed and by when. Who can help you with each of these steps (remember, you don’t have to do this on your own – ASK FOR ASSISTANCE!) And once you determine what the steps are, then you’ll want to put them down in your calendar. Earmarking time in each day or each week to make your way through your list. Just think with each checked off item, you’re one step closer to reaching your BHAG!

(5)   Take time to celebrate as you achieve each of your mini goals leading up to the Big Goal! You’ve worked hard to get this far, be sure to take time to notice and appreciate your accomplishments. Setting up rewards along the way is helpful too – everyone appreciates a break for a job well done. What are the little or big things that you can dangle as carrots out in front of you to help you reach each of your milestones with more joy and fun?  Celebrating along the way with each of these little accomplishments will also help you keep your momentum, energy and enthusiasm for your dream – fanning the flames if you will to give you more go juice and inspiration for the road ahead!


A big thanks to the many people who have helped me along my path and inspired me to see new opportunities, especially when I was stuck or off track!

With Gratitude!



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