We all have our quirks and our “finer nuances” that makes us unique. But how do these translate to your business? How are you bringing your unique intellectual assets to the very fabric of how you operate your company?How are you coloring outside the lines?

I’ve just finished reading “Anything You Want – 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur” by Derek Sivers where he shares how he was able to color outside the lines of conventionality, running his business they way HE wanted to rather than how business is “traditionally” run and much to his chagrin, grew CD Baby into a multimillion dollar business.

It’s a terrific read filled with insights that he learned and discovered along the way of creating his company by staying true to who he is, and his definition of happiness. (I’ll delve into this further in September on Inspired Business). It really made me see how lucky we are – to live in a time when we CAN create a business, doing something we love, with few or no employees and create success in a variety of forms.

And thus, eliminating a lot of excuses as to why we CAN’T start something.

I bring this up because THIS month on Inspired Business – specifically the First Monday of the month (August 1st), Mai Vu and I will be discussing Seth Godin’s latest book – “Poke the Box”. Which is all about Getting Started!

Taking the idea that you have, being the one who actually instigates putting it into motion just to see what happens. To see how far you can take it, what difference you can make and what you can learn from it (even if you fail).

You see we All have great ideas in a multitude of forms, but if those ideas just sit on the shelf or in your notebook (you know that one you carry around with you to write down all those great ideas) but they never see the light of day, then you’re robbing the world of your brilliance!

And the world needs your particular brand of brilliance!

Frankly, it’s imperative that you not hide out.



So what can you instigate?

What needs to come through YOU out into the world?


(I can’t wait to read all about it when it makes headlines…;)


If you’re curious to see how you can practice starting, then join Mai and I August 1st at 11am PT/2pm ET on Inspired Business – Courage, Risk & Raising a Ruckus as we explore the wisdom of Poke the Box. We’ll be poking at each other for the sake of pushing beyond our own comfort zones, to learn and APPLY something new to our own businesses and hopefully prod you into getting something started too.


Make it a great week!

With gratitude~




PS. What makes me happy is helping you bring out your personal brand of brilliance through your work. Poking and prodding sometimes even to help you get out of your own way and create what your version of success looks like. If you think you might need some prodding, contact me for your complimentary Business Growth Consultation to see if coaching is that help you need.


PSS. What makes you happy and how can you bring that joy to your work?


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