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Below is his latest article about Heart Intelligence which will give you just a taste of the wisdom he has to share with us on this informative 2nd call in a 3-part webinar series on the Three Intelligences.

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Those of you that have been following the Awakened Wisdom work or have read the book know that we humans experience the world primarily through the three intelligences of mind, body and heart. In this article I am going to explore the Heart Intelligence. It is always worth stating that these three intelligences our linked together and so whenever we attempt to discuss one of them we keep in mind that the other two are connected and at work as well.

In short the heart intelligence is the realm of our emotional experience and our interrelatedness to the world and all that is in our life from the past, present and future. Our emotional experiences are in present time regardless of what is creating the emotion. When we remember a past experience and have an emotional response to it we are having a present moment emotional experience to the past. When we imagine a future experience and have an emotional experience to it we are having a present time emotional experience to an imagined future and when we are in a real time situation we are having a present time emotional experience to that situation.

Our emotional intelligence is a gift that we can learn to use in a good way and the vast majority of us never really take the time to learn how to use this gift. Instead we often ignore or push away the emotion rather then embrace it and allow that energy to inform us.

With regards to emotional energy we must learn to fully experience the emotion, to reveal the root source of the emotion and to release the energy and allow it to move through rather then to avoid it or to create an addiction to it by attaching ourselves to a particular emotional experience and then recreating it over and over to feed the addiction of it.

In the book Awakened Wisdom, I discuss the idea that we have the possibility of meeting any moment of our life either from an aspect of us that is distorted or through our Divine Essence or Higher Wisdom Center. Distorted Self is the fearful, doubtful, judgmental, blaming, shaming or jaded, know it already, better than aspect of us. We all have some flavor of this energy. Our Higher Wisdom Center is the grounded, resourceful, creative, wise, open aspect of our nature.

When something happens in our life either of these two aspects of us could present out in front. If distorted self presents out in front, then the reaction to what is happening will be from distorted’s energies. Distorted will often exaggerate the event or minimize it depending on the specific strategy that you have learned. My exaggerating distorted reacts emotionally in a way that is out of proportion to the event. By minimizing distorted, I may avoid feeling the emotional response fully or perhaps not at all. Either way it is not a good response to the event.

Divine Essence responds rather then reacts to the event and does so in a way that is balanced to the impact of the event itself. For example if someone cuts you off in traffic distorted may go into a rage while Divine Essence will notice what has happened and may keep a closer eye on the driver of that other car for safety reasons. The response of Divine Essence is balanced and in good measure to what has happened. Divine Essence will still fully feel the impact of an event. If someone close to you dies or gets seriously ill, Divine Essence will feel the associated emotions fully and allow the experience of the emotions to work through as they must in a good healthy way.

Awakened Wisdom coaches are trained to support people as they experience the events of their life emotionally and are also knowledgeable in how to support people to experience their life more and more fully from the energy of Divine Essence rather then distorted. This has a profound affect of people as they learn that they can choose which aspect of their being gets to be out in front in each moment of their life.


While the mind intelligence leads us forward with great ideas and vision, it is the heart intelligence that leads us with resonance, yearning and energies of being drawn towards. What the heart intelligence is drawn towards it is not based on a language or a rationale that the mind can understand therefore there is often a conflict between what the heart wants and what the mind understands about that.

The heart intelligence is fueled by the desire to be in relationship, in resonance with what is important for the human. It is like radar for purpose and meaning. The heart is naturally open and generous, joyous and loving, and it is our life work to learn how to return to this resonant state.

An Awakened Wisdom Coach™ is trained in how to recognize whether the heart intelligence is of a resonant energy or a dissonant energy. When distorted self is out in front, the heart energy will be fearful or aggressive rather then attractive and resonant. It is imperative for a coach to know how to support the client in moving from a state of dissonance to one of resonance. With this practice and support, the coachee learns how to shift their energy using learned strategies. This is especially important to develop the ability to maintain the connection to Divine Essence in times of stress as that is when distortions are most likely to get out in front.


It is through our heart intelligence that we experience the interrelatedness between all beings, things, and ideas. We are in relationship to every person, being or idea that occupies our consciousness and also to those that are around us and not yet in our field of awareness.

To the mind intelligence, interrelatedness is an interesting and valid concept. Through the heart intelligence it is an experience. Our hearts create a field of energy that extends far beyond the field that is created by our minds. It is through our heart intelligence that we experience empathy and compassion.

Anyone who works with or leads others in teams and projects simply must be adept at not only accessing and working with their own heart intelligence to create the best possible experience for our selves and others, we must also understand how to guide and support others into connecting with their own heart intelligence.


In summary

As coaches, HR Professionals, Organizational Leaders, Team Members, it is essential that we learn how to access and use heart intelligence. The more skillful and adept we are at this then the better the experience will be for everyone around us.

This is an important key to reducing levels of stress, motivating self and others and ironically getting more accomplished, in a good way.

Patrick Ryan

Chief Waker-Upper



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