“All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous, unpremeditated act without benefit of experience.” ~ Henry Miller

As a business owner, your business is often a reflection of you – your passions, your values and the contribution you wish to make to your community.  In other words, your business is a reflection of your inner world in some way, large or small.

Funny thing is, most business owners don’t necessarily get into business with these things in mind. However you may have arrived on this path, managing the business you are in – my question for you is this – is your business a good reflection of who you are? And is it a reflection that you can be happy and content with?

One of the first questions I often ask my business coaching clients is “What are your core values and how well are they aligned with your work?” Your values are part of the foundation of who you authentically are, and if you’re work isn’t aligned with those values in a good way, it’s going to create a lot of unnecessary stress and tension in your work-life balance life.

I suggest you take some time to step back and think about what your core values are, based on who you are today. Where are these values being honored in your life – both personally and professionally?  And if you discover that some things are out of alignment, what shifts can you make to bring your work, your life and your values into alignment more effectively for greater satisfaction and productivity?

This is often the risky part, making a change – making a leap from a place of known but uncomfortable Leap and the Net Will Appear(or even miserable), to a place of unknown but potentially more fulfilling and happy. Are you willing to take a stand for what’s truly important to you and make the changes necessary to honor those values (and honoring yourself in the process)?  FYI – This might even mean making some big changes in your life, your career or your relationships…

Sometimes, when things are really out of alignment and you’re frozen in place or afraid at some level to make the necessary changes, the Universe is always happy to help out. Giving you an unpleasant boot out of your perceived “safety zone”, helping you to wake up to your real truth, see the situation from a different perspective and provide you a myriad of opportunities to help you stretch and grow – whether you were ready for it or not.

Trust me, getting a “push” from the Universe isn’t fun but, apparently it works. It was just such a push that had me find my true passion as a business coach. Looking back, it was painful process but it was also the best thing that ever happened to me.

So listen to the whisper of your soul – honor your values and make the Leap. Large or small, this leap will open doors to unimagined places of new ideas, opportunities and success on many levels.


Question to Ponder:

What shift are you willing to make to honor your values more fully in each day?


To Your Success!


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