What is your truth?

The gift you bring to the world?

The thing that is uniquely you, so much so you take it for granted?

I was recently asked this question by my coach to help me further refine my goals for my business coaching and consulting practice.  Your truth, i.e. your gifts and talents, are a powerful stake in the ground to use as a guide as you grow and expand your work and your business.

Think of it as your inner compass, guiding you as you go along. As you come up against difficult decision points along that path, you can ask yourself does this decision honor my truth and my gifts?  You’ll find that it can be a powerful tool to keep you on track.

And, as you honor this truth and further refine your talents and expertise, you’ll find that you will much more easily attract clients to work with you.

You see, when you operate more fully from your truth – this internal compass of what you know, you’re work will be more satisfying, more effortless and you’ll attract the clients who need your unique brand of talents and expertise. This happens because as you realize your talents, own them and embody them, your energy levels are higher.

You’ll be happier because your operating from your natural well of creativity and inspiration – which is very attractive to others. A happy person is a natural attractor of other good things, people and opportunities…

Question to Ponder:

What is one thing you can do this week to more fully utilize your gifts and talents in service of your clients?

To Your Success~


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