How are you doing with your marketing?

The only real way to know if you need marketing help is to score yourself as objectively as possible in each of the Five P’s of Service Business Marketing: Positioning, Packaging, Promotion, Persuasion, Performance.

This Marketing ScoreCard is designed to help you understand exactly where you are with your marketing. What’s working, what’s not working and where do you need to pay the most attention to improve your marketing?

Score yourself from 0 to 5 for each statement below. Just put your score in the area to the right and then add up each of your totals. This is the 4th of 5 mini scorecards, so stay tuned for the next one tomorrow.

A note about the Score Card. The areas on the ScoreCard are all action-oriented items. They are the things you need to be, do and have for powerful marketing. My experience has proven that improving any of these areas can have a major impact on your marketing effectiveness. The trick is knowing what to improve and how to improve it.


Focus. Whenever I speak to someone about my services and their needs, I am totally focused on what I can do for them – how I can help.


Needs. I am skilled at building rapport by learning the past and present situation of my prospects through a series of well-thought-out questions.


Objectives. I am skilled at motivating my clients to use my services by discovering what future objectives are the most important to them.


Presentation. I have a well-structured and well-organized presentation designed to inform my prospects about exactly how I can solve their problems and meet their objectives.


Recommendation. I am successful in asking for the business. I know what to say and do to win a prospect’s commitment to my services.


Persuasion Sub Total – With a low score in this area you are having real problems converting prospects into clients (if you can get them into appointments in the first place). Too many prospects put off buying your services and follow-up doesn’t help much.


How are you doing so far with your Marketing score? Keep me posted!

Here are a few more good marketing books for your library:

The Obvious Expert by Elsom Eldridge Jr. and Mark L. Eldridge

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout

To Your Success~


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