So I’ve been challenged by my colleague Tom Petty with the Bay Area Search Engine Academy to take the 30 day Blogging challenge with him.  As you know, to create a new habit it takes consistency of action over time to develop the new muscle.

The Blogging challenge was actually started by Connie Ragen Green on April 10th ( I just found out about it so I’m starting today) – If you’re a blogger, I recommend that you check out her blog post that has gotten Tom and on off to a great start to strengthen our blogging muscle.

But even if you’re not a blogger – I still want to challenge you...What new habit have you been trying to start either in your business or your personal life that you just haven’t quite gotten around to yet??

What is one thing that you can start doing today that is going to improve, expand or enhance your life in some way?

Leave a comment here and let me know what it is — What new habit you’re going to challenge yourself with and what shift you would like this new habit to create for you?

I’ll look forward to hearing about your success in 30 days!

To your success~

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