As a business owner or busy executive, time is a precious commodity. So to help you stay on top of your game it’s important to have your short term goals defined to keep you focused and on track.

The more you can consistently focus on the actions and strategies you need to take, the more quickly you will reach your vision and your goals. Energy is key – you must gain and maintain momentum. Your actions must be immediate and aligned with your core values and passions.

Below are some questions to answer and post in a visible place where you can review them daily or weekly.

Use your ideal day activity to identify a 1-year vision.

30-Day Vision and Action Plan (50%)
Write your 30-day vision and the actions you will take this month to accomplish that vision.

7-Day Action Plan (30%)
Write the actions you will take in the next 7 days to accomplish your 30-day vision.

1-Day Action Plan (20%)

Identify which of your 7-day actions you will take tomorrow to get the momentum going.


What structures will you put in place to hold yourself accountable for taking these actions?

What are you willing to trade in order to implement new habits of aligned action?

Clarity = Focus = Action

Once you achieve more clarity around  what you need to do and by when, the easier it will be to focus on the daily tasks required to generate the necessary momentum and actions to to reach your goals.

I’d love to hear from you! What helps you stay on top of your goals to reach them more quickly?

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