The following tips and strategies in part two of this three part series are intended to help you grow your business more effortlessly and easily. Using the tools that you already have at hand in a more expanded way, you’ll be able to spend more time working ON your business instead of being run BY your business.  Giving you more time for what’s important versus what’s urgent.

Action is key, so pick one strategy, put it into action and watch your business grow!
Let us know what worked best for you.

We’d love to hear your success stories~

Tip #4 :: Be Extraordinary
For word of mouth marketing to happen naturally, your product or service must be extraordinary, “exceptional in character, amount, extent, degree, etc.; noteworthy; remarkable; – a superior product which adds value to a person or market”.

To position your services as “Extraordinary” it begins with declaring your niche – your unique way of delivering your products or services and deliver those products and services from an authentic, real place — every time and beyond what is expected.

In other words, let your personality, your uniqueness shine through in everything you do because that is what makes you and your business different from all the other widget makers in the world. And when you are operating from your true authentic self and going beyond what is expected of you to deliver great results, it will leave a remarkable impression on all those who work with you.

Tip #5 :: What’s Your Story Morning Glory
One of the most powerful ways to instigate word of mouth is by creating a fantastic experience for your clients to talk about  – with their friends, family and colleagues. Letting them share their compelling story of how your work together made a difference in their business and in their lives.

People love to talk, so give them as many different positive reasons as you can to toot your horn for you! Think of this as priceless, positive PR! Each time you work with your clients, always have them walking away with some kind of unexpected added value – teach them something new, give them free tips to improve anything in their lives or business, or simply share a story that makes them smile.

Tip #6 :: Testimonials are Golden
Are you collecting testimonials from your raving fans? If not, start today! Find out from them how your product or service positively affected their lives or met their desired needs. These client testimonials are worth their weight in gold! You should use them in as many places as possible (without being obnoxious) and should be sprinkled throughout your marketing materials, your website and any other material detailing what you offer. This even includes your business cards.

Testimonials give your prospective clients someone else’s perspective and experience of working with you. This can greatly lower a prospective customer’s hesitation to working with an “unknown” source and thus helping them to feel safe enough to engage in working with you. And, it provides evidence that the product or service you are offering is worthy of their time and money.

So mine all the gold that is already in your backyard by asking current and former clients for a brief testimonial that you can put to good use!

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