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~~Marketing Strategies for Tough Times~~

The following tips and strategies are intended to help you grow your business more effortlessly and easily in these challenging economic times by using the tools that you already have at hand in a more expanded way.  To help you spend more time working ON your business instead of being run BY your business.  Giving you more time for what’s important versus what’s urgent.

Action is key, so pick one strategy, put it into action and watch your business grow!
Let us know what worked best for you. We’d love to hear your success stories~

Tip #1 :: Review the Competitive Landscape

When you can take a fresh look at your business through the lens of what your competition is doing, what do you see?  What are they doing differently that sets them apart? Now, how can you set yourself apart from the competition?

The goal is to regularly and consistently find new says to serve your current customers by adding value to your offerings and attract new customers with creative “pull” strategies. The more easily you can attract your ideal clients, the more you will enjoy your work. Your clients will feel your enthusiasm and it can create an upward positive spiral for everyone involved!

Tip #2 :: Circles of Influence
Do you know the saying, “Who you hang out with is who you become”? By surrounding yourself with a circle of professionals who aspire to your levels of professionalism and success (or higher) you will naturally increase your odds for success.

Identify other professionals whose services compliment what you have to offer and create packages together or joint programs that create win-win situations for all involved. These professionals ideally will add another level of credibility to the depth and breadth of what your business has to offer. And, as you build these “Power Partnerships”, it can help further position you as the expert in your field as they refer clients to you.

Remember, the more you give, the more you’ll get in return so continually prime the pump of these relationships by passing along valuable referrals to them as well.

Tip #3 :: Focus on Your Own Back Yard
Before engaging in costly marketing or advertising campaigns, look in your own back yard for new business! You’ve already spent time and money attracting and (hopefully) keeping the clients you already have.  They know and trust you, they know what to expect from you, and they know the value that you bring to the table. And, with a simple request of making a referral; they will probably go to great lengths for you.

Your number one assets are your customers, i.e. your client database. Be mindful of them, appreciate them often and continually find new ways to be of service to them to create a long list of raving fans.
More tips to come so stay tuned!

I’d love to hear what marketing strategies that have worked for you in growing your business.

Question for you:

What areas do you need help in growing your business in these challenging economic times?

I look forward to hearing from you and the challenges you face with your business~

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