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Discover how Nectar Consulting can help you dramatically improve the overall well-being of your workforce!

We focus on the 3 Holistic Well-Being Areas that have proven to be the most powerful for a high morale, high productivity, high impact workforce:
• Emotional Well-Being
• Social Well-Being
• Leadership Well-Being

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“Amazing – Seriously. The best personal and professional team development program I’ve done since the CTI leadership program in 2006. I have been hungry to find a process that would grow me and our team in a new and different way that made sense. 5 Stars!”


Dr. Deanna Vansickel-Staudt
Director of Global Leadership & People | Home Instead


No matter who you are or what your position in life, you have the power to change your mind. To harness the immense power of your brain, to transform your life in ways you didn’t think were possible.

Join our welcoming Rapid Rewire Membership Community of like-minded business professionals and entrepreneurs who are all on a path of learning, growth and expansion to become the best version of themselves. Join us as we share challenges and breakthroughs, cheering each other on, as together we rise. Help is at hand—care to join us?

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“Our company contracted with Nectar Consulting to provide professional development training for our diverse staff. With their training, guidance and insightful activities, our staff enhance their ability to communicate with each other, as well as with a variety of clients. The training enhanced the cohesiveness of our team and helped us establish processes and guidelines for working with each other more effectively. 

Specifically, Michele’s guidance enable us to identify and utilize the talents of each member to produce a more efficient work environment. The strategies and engaging activities she utilized proved to be especially effective and enhanced the development of our least experienced staff members and those new to our field.  Her professionalism throughout and the group coaching that followed the initial team training was awesome. We look forward to working with Michele and her team again in the future.”


Monique August, MSW
Executive Director | Choose College Educational Foundation


Are you ready to break through? We offer our unique Rapid RewiringTM program for individuals who are ready to be free of the fears and blocks that have been holding you back for far too long.

Learn more about how our proprietary 30-day Rapid Rewiring program can help you create powerful change that can enhance your capacity as a leader, expand your success and your well-being.

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“From the two-day customized program that Nectar Consulting created for my entire team, we have learned the power and value of deepening relationships with colleagues and co-workers by better understand each others unique strengths, talents and compelling Why. It has given us a way to be more open and real with each other which has lowered our stress levels, increased our productivity and is really enhancing our results!”


Ingrid Merriwether • CEO, Merriwether & Williams Insurance Services


No matter the size of your organization, we have a variety of assessments to help you bring out the best in your team.

We have a team of skilled coaches who can administer the Talent Dynamics, TruScore 360° and DiSC assessments and help your employees put those details into action for greater performance, productivity and job satisfaction.

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