Congratulations on taking the next step to greater peace of mind, health and well-being!

Over the last 20 years of being a coach, I’ve found that meditation is one of the best ways to quiet the mind, relax the body, and create the clarity you need to move forward with greater confidence and peace of mind.

This essential collection of guided meditations from Nectar Consulting will help you reclaim the energy, get grounded and redirect your focus in a way that enables to you to positively start your day each day to create the life you’ve been dreaming of.

These meditations will help you tap into the quiet center of your spirit, your intuition and allow it to guide your daily steps for greater clarity, focus and calm.

Here’s what’s included:

Guided Meditation #1: “Reclaim Your Power”

Guided Meditation #2: “UnBlock Your Brilliance”

Guided Meditation #3: “Meditation for Abundance”

“Reclaim Your Power” Guided Audio Meditation with Michele

I created this guided visualization and meditation for you to create a moment of peace and calm in the middle of your swirling day.  It’s just 9 minutes long and will walk you through a relaxing guided meditation to help you draw back to you all the energy you’ve given away to so many others, leaving you feel drained.

Reclaim Your Power will rejuvenate your spirit so you can go back out into your work-a-day world as the super hero that you are, feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!

“UnBlock Your Brilliance” Guided Audio Meditation with Michele

This 17-minute guided meditation is intended to help you flush out any negative energies that are stuck in your system so you can get grounded, calm your spirit and revitalize your energy, enabling you to bring your best self to all you do with greater clarity.

“Meditation For Abundance” Guided Audio Meditation with Michele

I’ve created this “Meditation for Abundance” just for you, based on the wisdom that has been passed along to me over the years. This 24-minute, guided meditation will help you get grounded, release any negative mindsets which are keeping you stuck and help you visualize and craft the abundant life you’ve been dreaming of, filled with joy and success, based on your own terms.

Thank you for listening!

I hope you enjoyed these meditations and you found them helpful. I’d love your feedback on what shifts they may have created for you!

Feel free to email me with any comments, suggestions or shifts  you may have experienced by enjoying them.














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