Be The Good with Kate Ep. 88: Michele Molitor, “Your Guide to a Better You”

Today on Be The Good with Kate: Clients dubbed her ‘the mind detective’, finding solutions from imposter syndrome, discovering the self confidence to embrace your true calling, and much more.

Welcome Michele Molitor, a professional coach who’s unique blend adding in hypnotherapy and other mindset work to her practice has led to extraordinary results with her clients– and in her own life.

In the episode:

-Total career change– creative director in web development to the world of coaching
-Losing a job and losing a loved one leading to the impetus of finding her true passion.
-A dose of neuroscience
-Diving into the how of the brain’s ability to rewire itself
-Tangible things to do today!

“The difficulties and challenges I faced back then led me to my true calling and purpose: to help entrepreneurs and executives step beyond the edge of their comfort zone to find their voice and stand fully in their confidence. My passion is helping you to create your career, your success, your joy—on your own terms, from your true essence and brilliance. To fully just be you—without apology.”

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