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It’s Time To Stop Giving Too Much

Do you have a wicked case of “overgiving”? 

You know, that strong desire to take care of others, going above and beyond, while leaving yourself at the bottom of the self-care list?

Do you struggle to say no, even when it adds extra stress and strain to your already full plate?

Does giving too much leave you feeling invisible, resentful or taken advantage of?

While it’s an admirable quality to have, overgiving can be exhausting and quickly leads to having nothing left in your tank to give to those who are truly important in your life.

Overgiving is very common, especially among women. It’s our nature to nurture right?! But giving too much often stems from not loving or valuing yourself enough. It becomes the way you “prove” you’re worth and deserving of love, success and abundance. But in reality, it’s a trap.

Overgiving leads to under-receiving. 

Under-receiving love

Under-receiving support

Under-receiving abundance

Your feeling “enough” is based on how much you give to others rather than simply for who you are. And this cycle doesn’t end until you break the habit. 

That’s the only way to transform your belief about your self-worth. And isn’t it time that you let all the love, success and abundance that you deserve come flowing into your life?


And Discover The Wonderful Person You Are

What If…

  • You could feel a deep sense of self-love and being “enough” all of the time? 
  • You could actually recognize how brilliant, beautiful and talented you are and end the need to constantly prove yourself?
  • You could eliminate the self-sabotaging beliefs and insecurities that plague your thoughts constantly?


Here’s the Truth. You Can!

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Being Enough Block:

“My experience with Michele’s work as a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Practitioner & Coach has been such an unexpected reward. I say unexpected because I do work on my own psyche a lot – I learn, I search for my truth in the overall picture of life’s meaning. I am not a person who is easily influenced by hypnosis or suggestions. My mind almost tries to outsmart the very thing that is trying to help it.

However, with Michele’s ability to ‘meet me where I am at’; I felt heard and seen beyond what I hear and see in myself. As a result, I am seriously changing from the inside-out in terms of how I approach life’s events and the messages I say to myself, leaving behind the former belief of “I’m never good enough.”

Through Michele’s Rapid Rewiring RTT + Coaching modality – I have found great comfort in knowing whole-heartedly that I Am Enough. This creates a peace within which has flipped a switch in me that has moved me to being a woman of excellence rather than a woman continually striving for perfection.

Michele is thoughtful, embraces integrity and exudes tremendous strength in working with others to help them create the best in themselves. She is a stellar Coach and RTT Practitioner!”


Dr. Deanna Vansickel | Director of Global Leadership & People, Home Instead 


My powerful 90-Day Rapid Rewiring ™ Experience is an integrative healing approach that combines the power of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) + Coaching in an end-to-end supportive program. Specifically designed to help you overcome your impulse to overgive to others that is really hiding all of your fear, self-doubt and lack of self-worth.  

During our work together, I will offer you a combination of master-level coaching and hypnotherapy to help you identify the root causes of your negative beliefs and blocks that are held deep within your subconscious and your emotional body. Then, I will help you transform them, healing your need to overgive by learning how to love yourself unconditionally.

Yes, you can find peace of mind, freedom from your feeling “not enough” and step into fully being who you are authentically. Learn how you can own your natural skills, gifts and talents more and more each day for a happier, more radiant you.


Michele Molitor

I bring 20 years of expertise as a coach, hypnotherapist, healer and teacher to help you:

  • Heal your need to be liked and approved of by others which is a critical step in ending the cycle of overgiving
  • Learn how to set strong, but loving boundaries in every area of your life
  • Reclaim your power from feeling inadequate to loving yourself unconditionally. 
  • Cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself, others and money that unlocks more abundance in every area of your life
  • Rewire your mind, heart and spirit so that your self-confidence soars and feeling enough becomes your “new normal”
  • Teach you simple yet effect tools and techniques to to reclaim your power and boost your confidence



Are you ready to release your old way of being and unlock your full potential?

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This is your time. 

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Here’s what clients have to say about working with Michele:

Self-Esteem Block:

“Before I did this Rapid Rewiring work with Michele, I was feeling something was holding me back that I couldn’t quite get at. There were underlying fears that kept me back in the shadows, hiding out from my full potential.

Now, I’m feeling more open, like an armor has fallen off. I feel like I was contained in a box and that box has fallen away. I’m definitely lighter and more positive, feeling more authentic and connected with others. I am noticeably calmer and more centered too.”


Caroline K. | Vice President, Healthcare Industry
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Money Block:

I’m blown away a bit at what has transpired since our session. I am happy to report that since the group session around our relationship with money, my organization has been awarded $95K, and an outstanding invoice since January for $15K is on the way. We’re also negotiating another contract for $100K.

I really don’t know what to say other than offer thanks to God and to you!!


Rev. Tammie Denyse, M.Div., MCL | Coach, Speaker, Author 


Get your copy of my eBook, “Do You Have Imposter Syndrome? 6 Triggers That Are Crushing Your Confidence.” Identify the symptoms and triggers of imposter syndrome and discover how to find greater confidence and peace of mind.

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Let’s have a confidential 30-minute consultation to determine what’s needed today to transform your life.

This is your time. Stop being afraid and stop feeling disempowered. Take control of your life one step at a time … it all begins with a chat.

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Career Block:

Sheltering in place took a toll on me in both the aspect of confidence and mental health. I found Michele through a friend’s recommendation because she saw how much I was struggling. It seemed that something was standing in the way from all the things I was trying to realize in both my career and life.

From the initial consultation conversation to our last conversation, Michele welcomed me with an open mind and understanding. It was gentle, safe, and warm. In each of our sessions, I was able to make new connections on things I previously wasn’t aware about and unpack things that I had held on for too long. Her supportive and encouraging Rapid Rewiring coaching approach was exactly what I had needed to unlock the letting go and begin taking decisive forward movement actions. 4 months after my last session with Michele, I was able to tangibly realize a career goal which I declared while working with her.

Getting out from behind fear took courage, and Michele helped me to do that. She can help you do the same so that your dreams are no longer out of reach.


Tina Lee | Global Performance Strategy Manager | Wayfair

Confidence Block:

“I want to thank you! Your wonderful approach has been such a blessing. Through your Rapid Rewiring program, I found myself feeling more confident and being more in control of my emotional states as I move through each day. I’ve turned semi-productive moments into highly productive ones by slowing down, assessing and then proceeding forward. I sincerely appreciate you and the work we’ve done together!” 


Robert B. | Entrepreneur & Inventor  

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