If you look through squinted eyes you can see it.

It’s all around us.

The illusion of perfection.

We see it in the media, on the billboards, in your social feeds.


It seems, we seek to constantly achieve it.

Perhaps to overcome our own self-doubt…

Or, perhaps to overcome our own imposter syndrome?


But is perfection really attainable?

Or, is it something fabricated by the mind to keep us constantly striving for the perfect idea that is just out of reach?


Perhaps this is what makes us better?

Perhaps this constant striving is what has helped us evolve has humans…?


It’s a conundrum I’d say.


An elusive enigma that can never quite be reached.

Or can it?


I don’t know that anything is 100% “perfect.”

Perhaps on the surface level it may seem to be perfect but if you dig a little deeper, you’re bound to find a few flaws.


As webster defines it, “perfect” is “to make (something) completely free from faults or defects, or as close to such a condition as possible.”


Perfection is in the eye of the beholder.


What I might think is exquisite beauty and perfection, like the sunlight lighting up the bright fuchsia feathers of the hummingbird’s throat sitting in a nearby tree, you might think, “what’s the big deal? It’s just a bird.”


I believe that we would be far better served by looking for the beauty that lies within the Imperfections of life.

The imperfections within each person you meet.

Especially within yourself.


This would give us such freedom from constantly trying to one-up another.

To be better than.

Instead of just being who we are… fully, completely, authentically, perfectly imperfect.

Just as we are.


It is in this imperfection that we are free to show up more wholly, and without hesitation.


Imagine for just a moment…

How would you move through the world differently if you knew you weren’t being judged by anyone?


If it didn’t matter if you weren’t at your best today?

If your hair wasn’t done just right and your makeup just so?

(yes, I grew up in the south and it IS a thing…).


Imagine, if you could just relax in your skin fully and

Just. Be. You.


What would life be like from this place?


I reached out to my Rewire For Success community to get their take on this perfectly imperfect conundrum.

Here are some of the other amazing gifts of imperfection to be found all around us and within us.


I simply asked this question: “What things in life are better because they’re imperfect?”


(Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments and help continue to grow the list!)

My dear friend Marvin, who has a perfectly imperfect and inquisitive mind was the one who had posed the question to me to begin with, so let’s start here with his thoughts…

“Like designing a brand for a client, I often have to throw out the first ideas that come to mind because they are my mind emptying itself of the stuff that is in the way of the truly creative work to come.  The first three imperfections here are like that perhaps.

Just “perfect answers.”  Things that you expect to read.  (To Marvin)… They are boring and do not offer emotive connections. (I still find them very on point and fascinating observations).

The above is the “science” of this topic.  I want to translate that to the “sexy” because it is far more easy to connect with.  What I am learning as I write these is that the things I seek to put in the list are not merely things that bring joy or a smile to me.

The gifts of imperfection range far and wide, large and small.

Here are some more from my own perspective:

And from my community:


What makes your favorite perfectly imperfect list? I’d love to know.


Michele Molitor, C-Hyp is a certified coach and hypnotherapist and co-author of “Breakthrough Healing.” For 20 years, she has worked with talented, professional women, helping them overcome imposter syndrome and reclaim their confidence to create a thriving career and life. Connect with her directly to help eliminate your anxiety and limiting self-beliefs from your mindset once and for all.


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